Fabric Pop Up Straight Display

Fabric Pop Up Straight Display


Fabric pop-up display provides a vibrant, tightly woven visual that is a great alternative to traditional backdrop displays

  • Light weight easy to carry and set-up
  • Velcro attachment
  • Travel bag included

If you have lightweight stands on your mind then Straight Fabric Pop up Banner Stands are the answer. These stands, as the name suggests, are lightweight which make them easy to use. The main reason they are not as heavy is because the graphic panel is printed onto as a single piece onto a very light fabric. The usual pop up stands use a heavy laminated film, to produce the graphic panel in several sections. This procedure makes the stand heavy and creates difficulty for users.

The variety you get

You can get the Straight Fabric Pop up Banner Stands in two sizes:

1. You can get the Traditional fabric pop up stands, which are also known as Hop up Stands. These stands are only available in a straight shape. The graphics for this stand is attached to the frame, using Velcro.

2. The second option available for you is our fabric display stands. You can easily slip the graphic panel which is printed on fabric, like a sock, over the frame of the stand. This then is zipped closed from the sides.

What's in store for you

The two kinds offer different benefits for you. For instance, the graphic panel does not need to changed, if you choose the traditional fabric pop up stands. Even during storage, the graphic panel does not need to be removed; it can be folded easily along with the frame. This feature of the traditional fabric pop up stand is designed to make your life easier by enabling you to set it up in just a matter of seconds.

It benefits you in multiple ways

These fabric pop up stands offer a number of benefits for you. Some of them are listed as follows:

  • Do you travel a lot/ are you worried about the transportation of the stands? Well fear not because the Fabric pop up stands, are designed to facilitate people like you. You will no longer have to pay for excess baggage when you travel by air, with stands we have at BestofSigns.
  • You get a lot of variety with these stands in terms of sizes and shapes but we offer you a carrying case or bag with it, so that you can carry and install it with ease.

This is an essential tool when it comes to marketing, which is exactly why you need in order to promote your products and business. These pop up stands that are being offered nowadays are easy to carry and they aid you by making an impressive display once they are set up.