Face Shield

Face Shield

  • The transparent polyethylene terephthalate visor is scratch proof.
  • The transparent design enhances visibility.
  • Pre-installed head strips keep the face shield in position.
  • The shields are available in multi-packs to cater to your unique needs.

Safety Face Shields to Protect Employees and Customers 

Durable Safety Face Shields

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are devastating, and businesses and individuals must take measures to protect themselves. Our safety face shields are a cost-effective way to keep everyone in your working environment safe. Unlike face masks, a face shield adds protection, ensuring that droplets containing viruses don't enter the eyes. 

Our transparent Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) visor is lightweight yet highly durable, making the medical face shields ideal for regular use. The scratch-proof design withstands rough handling by employees performing heavy tasks.

The transparent design on our safety face shields gives users clear visibility, even when viewing distant objects. There's also anti-fogging material that saves you from removing the shield to wipe accumulated moisture after extended use.

A pre-installed head strip puts the shield in place, so it doesn't wobble around when performing vigorous tasks. The head strip makes the face shields comfortable to wear for long hours.

Different Packs of Easy-to-Clean Transparent Face Shields

Sterilizing the polyethylene face shields is quick and easy. Clean them with soap, water, and a soft cloth. Essential health workers can wash them daily without compromising the design.
Our face shields are available in packs of five to one hundred. Different size businesses can pick one that suits their employees’ needs.

Large Polyethylene Face Shields

The face shields measure 13 by 9 inches, so they are large enough to cover the nose, mouth, forehead, neck, and eyes. This offers increased protection against coronavirus.

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