Face Shield

Face Shield


Reusable and cheap face shield offering complete protection right from the forehead down to the neck.

  • Made of transparent PET sheet with masking
  • Covers Forehead, Eyes, Nose, Mouth & Neck
  • Pre-installed head strip to secure the clear shield in place 
  • Durable, reusable, and affordable safety solution

Face Shields- Cheap yet highly effective safety solution

Until and unless we completely get rid of the COVID-19, every business and workplace must take several measures to protect their customers, employees, and others. Face shields are a perfect solution for all those looking for a budgeted safety tool to keep their employees and customers protected. Regardless of the nature of your business/workplace, these clear shields for the face are a versatile protective solution. From salons, restaurants, cafes, to retail stores- you can incorporate this protective equipment and make your operations safer. We at Best Of Signs have designed these quality transparent Face covers using clear polyethylene terephthalate visor (PET) sheets with masking. These durable shields are available in packs of 5/10/20/30/50/100. When worn, they will create a physical barrier over the face, protecting all the face parts right from the forehead down to the neck. Although they are highly effective, yet we are offering them at very affordable prices online. 

The transparent sheet of the shield allows full vision display, which makes it ideal for workplaces/businesses that involve production/manufacturing of goods, beauty services, food preparation, and table service, and doorstep deliveries, etc. These cheap face shields come pre-installed with a head strip that is added to secure the clear shield in place on the forehead. The scratch-proof PET shield is durable enough and ideal for regular use. It is recommended to sanitize and wash the reusable shields after use. Also, when combined with gloves and face masks, etc., they can even be used for second-line medical purposes.

For any further queries about our transparent face shields or other COVID-19 safety supplies, please reach out to us now.