FDC Fire Department Connection Aluminum Sign (EGR Reflective)

FDC Fire Department Connection Aluminum Sign (EGR Reflective)


Label Fire Connections with FDC Signs

  • Aluminum prevents corrosion.
  • Lamination improves surface durability.
  • Digital printing creates colorful graphics.
  • Full-color designs are highly visible.
  • Prismatic sheeting offers a reflective surface.

FDC Signs are Heavy-Duty

Fire department connections on your property need to be readily accessible and easy to see. You can mark the connections with our fire safety signs to make them easy to find in emergency situations.

Our rustproof aluminum signs have a durable underlying structure. This resistance to corrosion prevents deterioration for stability.

Fire Safety Signs are Laminated and Reflective

Surface protection against scratches, chemicals, water, and weather increases the lifespan to 7 years. We offer a laminate topcoat for enhanced resistance on our FDC connection signs.

The reflective surface is thanks to the 3M™ engineer-grade prismatic sheeting on our FDC signs. Full-color graphics create an attractive finish that boosts the visibility of our digitally printed signs.

Disclaimer: All sign and banner content is used for example purposes only. It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to contact their local, city, or state government offices to obtain the legal requirements for any and all signs before having their signs printed.