Fiber Optic Decal (Non Reflective)

Fiber Optic Decal (Non Reflective)


Identify Electrical Piping and Lines with Our Non-Reflective ‘Fiber Optic Decal’

  • Made of durable vinyl with pressure-sensitive glue, & 3M Kraft paper liner.
  • Adheres well to a variety of surfaces, and comes with a 5-year durability.
  • Created with graphic material that is 100 microns thick & weighs 130 GSM.
  • Latex printing is used to print the decal in full color.
  • Can withstand extreme temperatures with ease.

Our durable Non-Reflective 'Fiber Optic’ Decals can Adhere to a Variety of Surfaces

A distinct marking that identifies power lines, fuse boxes, and machinery is crucial for safety. You can rely on the 'Fiber Optic' decals (non-reflective) produced by Best of Signs to do this job efficiently for you, while complying with regulations. We produce these decals using sturdy vinyl, pressure-sensitive glue and 1J 3690 3M Kraft paper liner. The decals are able to stick well to a variety of surfaces, from sand cast to moderately rough surfaces and some low surface energy materials.

We use graphic material that weighs 130 GSM and comes with a thickness of 100 microns. Full-color latex printing is used to create these decals that are armed with a tough lamination topcoat for additional strength. Being able to withstand extreme temperatures, our decals stay durable for upto 5 years. Protect power-sensitive equipment and save lives with this decal. Place your order now!

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