Flat Boxes - White (Printed)

Flat Boxes - White (Printed)


Keep Your Products in Impeccable Condition with Sturdy Flat Corrugated Boxes

  • Features single wall C flute corrugated fiberboard for durability.
  • Comprises high-quality natural brown Kraft paper for a flawless finishing.
  • Offers good level of piling strength & crush resistance with ECT 32#.
  • 100% biodegradable & reusable corrugated box.
  • Printed using screen printing technique
  • Available in various sizes.

Our Flat Corrugated Boxes are Long Lasting

Being an owner of a small business it is very important to deliver products to the customers in a perfect condition. Our flat corrugated shipping boxes are exactly what you will require to impress your customers. Designed with top quality material, our corrugated box will make sure that your customers get their products as expected.

Made up of top-grade white semi-gloss Kraft paper with ECT 32#, our box is used for transporting delicate items with ease. You can even stack other boxes on the top of them without worrying about their condition. Known for its extraordinary toughness and bearing power, the Kraft paper will protect your products much better than any of the materials.

Our corrugated flat boxes are crafted from single wall C flute corrugated fiberboard and are fairly pliable. They provide ample storage capacity and cushioning support. The boxes are made of tough materials and have high stacking strength. These corrugated flat boxes are durable even during long-distance transportation because of these exceptional features.

These adaptable shipping boxes have numerous benefits that make them excellent for transporting even the most fragile items. Our flat shipping boxes are widely used for padding, partitions, dividers, and other types of packing material, in addition to having remarkable performance for all packaging types. It's perfect for transporting bulky appliances and machinery.

Biodegradable Flat Corrugated Shipping Boxes Available for Printing

Our corrugated boxes are 100% recyclable and therefore they are one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging alternatives available. We also offer multiple size options, so you can choose the most suitable box size as per your shipment needs.

For a high level of vibrancy, we use screen printing on our flat corrugated boxes. Our corrugated boxes are brilliantly designed to exceed your design requirements. When compared to other printing techniques such as digital printing, it provides a superior finish.

Personalize Your Corrugated Flat Box

Looking for some creative ideas to spice up your standard corrugated boxes? Make your box stand out by adding a touch of personality. You can have anything printed on your flat corrugated box, from names to logos to messages, to make it look distinctive and classy. So what are you waiting for? Order now!