Floor Standing Sneeze Guard - SEG Clear Vinyl

Floor Standing Sneeze Guard - SEG Clear Vinyl

  • We make our sneeze guards from durable material for longevity.
  • The sneeze guards are free standing. 
  • Our sneeze guards have a stable hardware foot and are very sturdy.
  • It's simple to join the clear panels with an Allen key.
  • Bulk discounts are available for multiple orders.

Partition Individual Spaces With Floor Standing Sneeze Guards

Create Distance and Partitions With Floor Standing Sneeze Guards

COVID-19 is a pandemic that is affecting many businesses. To continue doing business in a safe environment, creating distance between people can help curb the virus spread. With our free-standing sneeze guards, businesses can get back on track. We provide safety sneeze guards you can incorporate into your space for a health-conscious workplace.

We make the safety sneeze guards using premium quality silver anodized aluminum, which is a resilient material. It's non-toxic, heat resistant, and lasts for a long time.  

Our clear vinyl sneeze guards are lightweight with a panel of a 200GSM PVC tarp, which allows for transparency. In addition, they are portable, so you can move them from place to place. You only need to place the sneeze guards between two spaces to create a barrier.

The sneeze guards are free standing, so you can place them on the floor without them falling over. They are sturdy and can stand between any two objects, adding a contemporary touch of style. Choose between four size options.

Easy to Install Stable Sneeze Guards

Our sneeze guards are easy to install, saving you time. You don't need professional help when setting them up. They are connectable using included hardware. Use an Allen key to join the clear panels together.

The panels are 6.5 ft. tall to provide significant protection in settings such as gyms and restaurants. The sneeze guards have hardware feet for stability, as they increase bearing capacity. 

Bulk Discount for Floor Standing Sneeze Guards

If you have a large space that needs numerous areas of separation, order in quantity to enjoy a bulk discount. Purchasing two or more guards lowers the cost per guard.

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