Floor Standing Sneeze Shield

Floor Standing Sneeze Shield


Protective Equipment for Safe Office & Commercial Spaces:

  • Clear PVC panel – 200GSM
  • Panel length options available – Half or Full
  • Full-length panel available at a minimal charge
  • Perfect for office spaces, coffee shops, gyms, & more
  • Strong adhesive Velcro attachments available

Portable, Highly-durable, & Protective Floor Standing Sneeze Shields

Here’s an affordable, protective way to safeguard your business in current scenarios. With minimizing the scope of infections to spread across the workspaces or in the stores, here come the standing sneeze shields to deliver the utmost protection for your employees and customers. The floor-standing sneeze shield is portable, lightweight, and thus can be installed within a fraction of time. As it has become vital to expect and adhere to the precautionary measures against the COVID-19 battle, we have come up with some of the useful yet mandatory equipment to safeguard your office and commercial sites. 

PVC Clear Panels, Velcro Attachments, Utmost Protection, & Lots More by Sneeze Shields

As life is getting back to normal after the sudden outbreak of Coronavirus, now every business is trying to equip themselves with the right safety measures. And therefore, they have introduced unique yet precautionary equipment to facilitate their employees and customers with safe and hygiene methods. One of them is the protective sneeze shields that can feasibly be displayed in the sitting and standing areas of office workspace, retail shops, salons, coffee shops, restaurants, billing counters, and so on. The product includes the hardware or the frame, made out of aluminum for sturdiest and lasting usage. The clear PVC panel is highly-durable to protect the individuals sitting or standing on the opposite sides. This panel is effective in blocking the germs or air-droplets of someone’s sneezing, coughing, or communicating. As per the requirement at your commercial and corporate spaces, you can select the length of the panel. They are available in both medium and full length. The full-length upgrade is available by selecting the feature from the product specification page and that too at a minimal charge. The panel comes with an adhesive Velcro attachment to attach the PVC panels with the stand and thus makes it easier for the user to set up and pack up anywhere, anytime. 

BestofSigns has a plethora of options in COVID-19 safety displays to provide your business with effective solutions. We’re a click away to meet your business aspirations even during this pandemic phase.