Floor Standing Sneeze Shield

Floor Standing Sneeze Shield

  • The 200 GSM PVC structure makes sneeze shields hard-wearing.
  • Choose a preferable size of sneeze shields.
  • Lightweight construction makes it easy to move the guards.
  • These sneeze guards are ready for immediate placement.

Minimize Spread of Infectious Diseases with Floor Standing Sneeze Shields

Custom-Built Safety Sneeze Guards Offer Portability and Longevity

If you own an establishment, the safety of your clients becomes your responsibility. Regular interactions in workplaces or retail stores are a risk factor and, to contain the same, creating separations across workstations proves to be highly effective. You may safeguard your facility with our office sneeze guards by sectioning regions so that the interaction amongst your staff does not involve direct physical contact.

Made of high-quality PVC and aluminum, the floor standing sneeze shields maintain durability by resisting wear and tear. Sturdy sneeze guards don't require frequent repairing.

Order only the panels, only the stands, or both, depending on your budget and display requisites. Stands are available in sleek silver color, which complements the indoors of establishments neatly. Choose from various sizes to ensure that the shop sneeze guards fit the designated assembly areas.

Lightweight floor standing sneeze shields are convenient to assemble, reposition, and store. The reusability of the guards reduces ad spend and increases return on investment.

Simple to Install Safety Sneeze Guards Come Ready-to-Use

Our shop sneeze guards come ready for immediate placement. Set up the PVC guards at various locations within your facility to curb the spread of infectious diseases. Safety sneeze guards protect your staff and clients from pathogens and boost their productivity by reducing distractions caused by the general commotion in the work environment.

Featuring high-grade PVC 580 GSM panels with Adhesive Velcro, our protective sneeze guards offer quick assembly. You can easily attach the panels within minutes to have the sneeze guards ready for use.

Shop Sneeze Guards are Easy to Purchase

Our protective sneeze guards are easy to order due to the wide variety of shipping methods we offer. Choose our doorstep delivery service for added convenience.

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