Front Adhesive Printed Frosted Decals

Front Adhesive Printed Frosted Decals

  • Customizable frosted decals as per the required size.
  • Made from durable Monomeric PVC material.
  • Created in full color with 720 DPI with eco-solvent printing.
  • Available with various white ink inclusion preferences.
  • The product will be in multiple pieces if width and height both are more than 58.5 inches

Custom Frosted Window Decals Available in Any Size

Ideal for outdoor marketing for business and personal use, our front adhesive frosted decals are crafted using premium-grade monomeric PVC material. Available in four predefined sizes, the decals can be customized as per your uploaded measurements. Strong and trendy, the decals with sizes larger than 52” width/height come in multiple pieces.

Made using an eco-solvent printing technique, the decals have a visibility range of 5% to 10%. Fabricated with accuracy to retain their shine, the decals are created with a printing resolution of 720 DPI in full color for prolonged visual texture.

Robust and stylish, the clear decals have a graphic weight of 100 GSM. With a glue peel strength of 12N/25mm, the decals come with a squeegee designed for installation of decals & graphics for easy handling.

Available with a +/- 3mm size variance, the decals are packed with a pre-adhesive layer for fast and hassle-free application on a clear glass surface.

Frosted Decals Come with Diverse White Ink Options

Made with a flash-cut finish, the window decals can be brought using multiple white ink preferences. The ‘no white ink’ option is good for picture effects as the colors are gradually washed out. When you opt for the ‘partial white ink’, only the white colors in the artwork are backed with the ink.

The ‘full white ink’ option makes the colors on the sticker solid by backing all the colors in the artwork with the ink. This is recommended if your sticker will be used on tinted glass surfaces.

Avail Bulk Order Discount

Easy to obtain and apply, the frosted window decals come with free shipping for orders above $99. The frosted decals are available at a discounted rate when ordered in large quantities. Place your order now!