Printed Frosted Decals

Printed Frosted Decals

  • Sturdy monomeric PVC construction and a mild adhesive secure the decals in place.
  • High-resolution graphics and striking colors are easily distinguishable from a distance.
  • Select from a wide range of designs or change the designs with online designing tools.
  • The squeegee tool makes installation easy.
  • Textured decals maintain privacy.
  • The product will be in multiple pieces if width and height both are more than 58.5 inches

Connect with Your Target Audience Through High-Quality Frosted Decals

Look Through Many Pre-Designed Templates for Frosted Decals 

Small enterprises always require adaptable means to advertise novel services by their growing businesses. Frosted window decals offer flexible ways to advertise services and let small businesses make themselves prominent to potential clients. With our high-quality decals, you may display information about events or upcoming sales to attract onlookers.

Durable 100-micron thick monomeric PVC decals are long-lasting and resilient. Install the decals on your windows using the glue peel strength of 12N/25 mm, which ensures that the frosted decals stay secure.

Featuring full-color 720 DPI printed graphics and saturated colors, the PVC decals grab the attention of passersby from afar. Superior printing processes produce a wide range of colors, offering versatile designs.

Choose from any of our pre-designed templates or upload artwork for frosted window decals. Customize existing templates and add a personal touch to your promotional tools. Include a text or change the design of pre-designed templates via web-based tools. Go with any of our standard sizes, add UV printing, and select the level of opacity for the decals to match your display requirements.  

Outside Window Decals Maintain Privacy and Offer Easy Installation

A complimentary squeegee tool makes installation easy. Apply consistent pressure on the personalized decals against the designated surface with the squeegee tool to release trapped air bubbles. With no trapped air, adhesion becomes strong and keeps the decals in place.

Our decals help you maintain privacy because of a frosted texture that inhibits visibility from outside. This makes the outside window decals ideal for places that require privacy, such as conference rooms.

PVC Decals are Environment-Friendly

Our frosted window decals undergo eco-solvent printing to produce vibrant graphics. Biodegradable ink ensures minimal release of toxic compounds into the air, protecting the environment. With our decals, you can make your budding enterprise flourish and be socially responsible at the same time.

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