Giant Flag Pole

Giant Flag Pole


To make signs stand out, the giant flag pole is the best choice

  • Telescoping aluminium poles
  • Hardware Only - Includes Poles & Base only
  • Single side and double side printing available
  • Graphic Only - Does not include Poles and Base
  • Free carry bag for easy transportation
  • Graphic with Hardware - Includes Poles & Base

Huge size – delivering your message with a bigger impact

Want to promote your business in a more effective manner? You can with the giant flag pole! Best of Signs offers a large variety of giant flag poles, which you can customize to meet your needs.

Primary Features

  • High impact on targeted audience
  • Ideal for outdoor events, theatres, shopping malls and exhibitions
  • Sturdy base for optimal stability in strong winds
  • Easy assembly

The perfect choice for marketing your business

It is so big – there is just no missing it!

Portable – take it with you to all your meetings and conferences and set it up whenever and wherever you want!

Easy assembly – the flag can be easily set up in just a matter of minutes, letting you promote your business conveniently. And when you are done, exert a slight force, and down it will fall. Pack it up and take it to your next marketing event!

Affordable – The giant flag pole is available at economical rates. Compared to other promotional materials, the incurred costs are fairly less even if you choose to buy several of these.


The giant flag pole has a durable and sturdy construction, which allows it to be setup conveniently. Generally, the pole is made up of aluminum. The graphic is attached to the top of the pole, whereas a support is attached to the base. With its four legs, the support distributes wind loads and also makes transportation and storage easier.

If you are placing the flag outdoors, you can fill it up with sand or water for increasing stability.

Printing Technology

At Best of Signs, we make sure all our products feature high levels of quality. Our flags are printed with the dye sublimation method which utilizes special inks for a more vivid marketing message. Plus, the flag also undergoes a heating process after printing has been done so as to fix the ink in the fabric. Now even as you wash the flag, the design will not fade away.

Place an order today!

Best of Signs has a huge variety of giant flag poles. Choose any design that you like and we will deliver it to you at the earliest. For custom giant flag pole, have a word with us so that we know your exact needs. We'll take care of them right away!