Green Screen Wall Box Background

Green Screen Wall Box Background


Add a Professional Touch With Green Screen Wall Box Backgrounds

  • Upgrade your studio with green screen wall box backgrounds.
  • The box background allows for a simple and rapid installation.
  • Full-color prints with dye-sublimation printing present a sharp appearance.
  • Green screen fabrics are easy to clean.

Green Screen Backgrounds Have Dye-Sublimation Prints

In the competitive world of video marketing and content creation, having a professional setting can help you sell your brand. Shooting with the right equipment makes your content attractive and helps you stand out from the rest. Our green screen backgrounds provide a clean, professional look for content making and photography display backdrop needs.

Box background graphic materials are a 200 GSM polyester fabric that is lightweight and provides resistance against shrinking. The product frame features sturdy aluminum, which is non-corrosive and durable, making it long-lasting.

The photography green background features a solid printed in PMS-345 green color to offer an effective backdrop display. Full-color, 1,440 dots per inch (dpi), dye-sublimation printing makes the green color vibrant and durable. This allows you to lay any background with ease.

Choose from the several size options available with the fabric green screens as per your requirements. Pick only the hardware, the screen, or both. Add specific instructions to your order to get the screens required to match your needs during shooting sessions.

Polyester Green Backgrounds With a Folding Frame

The polyester photography backdrop frames are collapsible and come with plastic attachments for easy installation. This saves you time and effort by allowing you to set up the displays in a matter of minutes.

Fabric green screens have a folding frame that makes storing and transporting the unit from one event or shoot venue to the next a breeze. The portability of the displays improves your return on investment (ROI).

Green Screen Backgrounds Are Simple to Keep Clean

Wash Fabric green screen wall regularly at a moderate temperature using a light detergent. You may also wash the displays by hand. You can select between air drying on a level surface, drying on a line, or drying on a low setting in the tumble dryer.

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