Halloween Ghost Inflatable Tube Man


Halloween Ghost Inflatable Tube Man- Dynamic Wiggly-Wavy Dancing Tube Man

This Halloween Ghost Inflatable Tube Man will add just the right touch of spooky touch to space- work or personal. The black and white ghost tube man will keep dynamically moving in a wiggly-wavy motion. The un-interrupted motion of the hands and body of this Halloween tube man will attract everyone towards your store, parking lot, restaurant patio, event booth, gas station, or anywhere you install it. The inflatable is available in three different sizes- 6ft, 10ft, 14ft, 18ft and 20ft Based on your space needs, select the right height to ensure it does not go unnoticed. Inflatable dancers have always been a  tried and true way of garnering attention. This ghost tube man will instantly add a touch of eeriness, making it a perfect Halloween promotion or Halloween decor tool.

This Halloween ghost inflatable dancer is constructed with a high strength polyamide silk with added tarpaulin material. The motion of the tube man works is controlled by the blower attached at its bottom. The blower available in 9'', 12'', or 18'' diameter sizes blasts air into its body, resulting in a wiggly-wavy motion. You can choose from both normal and weather-resistant blowers. To add the inflatable blower, please select the blower size depending upon the respective inflatable height you have selected. E.g. If you have selected the graphic size of your Halloween inflatable to be 6ft, then please select the blower for 6ft only.

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