Handicap Window Decals Opaque

Handicap Window Decals Opaque

  • Made of white vinyl (opaque) for added durability.
  • Get started with our wide range of pre-designed templates. 
  • Choose from standard and custom sizes. 
  • Adhesive-backing for easy application.   
  • Multiple Finishing options.
  • The product will be in multiple pieces if width and height both are more than 58.5 inches

Customizable Handicap Window Decals Opaque

Durable And Custom Made Handicap Window Decals

Public buildings and other locations must display handicap window decals to comply with the rules set forth by ADA to protect the rights of persons with disabilities. The purpose of handicap decals is to assist handicapped people to know that they can safely enter, navigate through and exit your venue or business. Post our wheelchair ‘entrance’ window decals on your windows to make everyone aware of where to and not to enter. Stick wheelchair ‘parking’ decals to protect reserved parking spots for disabled people in your lot. Our window decals adhere to the windows and are easy to spot by everyone who approaches the building. Decals like these showcase your noble stand for persons with disabilities and create an impression of a law-abiding business.

High-quality Long Lasting White Vinyl Material (Opaque)

Made of durable white vinyl material that is waterproof and UV resistant, these decals can withstand long-term exposure to outdoor elements. You can place these adhesive-backed decals on any window, glass door, or other smooth surfaces. Assuming proper care and installation, our semi-transparent decals will last for years of use and are easy to remove without leaving residue or damaging the surface. The material is opaque enough to allow sunlight to enter the room through windows while blocking the view from outside offering privacy to people inside the building.

We print graphics on a white monomeric vinyl film of 100 microns and then paste it on white vinyl. This is a thin flexible translucent sheet with a design on it that you apply to a window, smoothing out the air bubbles with a squeegee to create a flat image. You can choose from a range of finishing options to give it a lasting touch. Add a glossy effect to your decal or increase its readability with a matte finish or simply keep it to the standards of UV resistance - the choices are endless.

High-definition, UV Printing Promises Longer Visibility

We print handicap window decals in almost any size. High-definition prints using UV-resistant ink mean your decals will deliver stunning clarity and striking visual effects in full color. They resist fading and low-intensity weather conditions while protecting your signs from exposure to UV rays. Upload an artwork or choose from our wide range of pre-designed templates to get started with your creative idea. We can produce any image of your choice by using eco-solvent or latex printing. The shelf-life of printed surfaces is estimated at 6 months.