Hanging Sneeze Guard - Clear Vinyl

Hanging Sneeze Guard - Clear Vinyl

  • Sneeze guards are made of durable materials.
  • To fulfill your demands, customization options are available.
  • Because of the minimal weight, the safety guards are simple to reposition.
  • The transparent polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material provides visibility.
  • The product is ready to use after a simple installation.

Hanging Sneeze Guards Provide a Physical Barrier

Hanging Sneeze Guards are Transparent to Ease Communication 

Establishments must provide exposure protection for consumers and staff to reduce the spread of infectious diseases. However, social separation may be problematic in many everyday situations that need intimate human engagement. Our sneeze guards hang from the ceiling and act as a barrier to block cough and sneeze droplets while allowing people to communicate normally.

A 0.5-mm thick, 580 GSM PVC polymer panel, shatterproof and resistant to wear and tear, makes up our transparent sneeze guard. For increased rigidity, we made the frame of aluminum anodized-coated material. You can install the guards on counters, workstations, or restaurant tables to ensure worker and client safety because of the high level of durability.

Make your purchase as exact as you require fulfilling your requirements. Choose from a range of size options or provide special instructions to ensure you have the right hanging sneeze guards for your restaurant or office.

We use lightweight materials to make the hanging sneeze shields portable. To build an effective barrier against contamination, reposition the guards as needed. The panels store easily for use at a later period, making it a one-time investment that enhances your ROI.

Ceiling Hanging Sneeze Guard is Simple to Use

The counter sneeze guard has a ceiling hanging feature that helps conserve space. The panels are a ready-to-use solution for counters, tables, and workstations, allowing for quick and easy self-installation. Suspend the shield from the ceiling, trusses, or beams easily, despite its modest weight.

Consider Bulk Orders to Get Discounts 

You get a discount if you order in bulk quantities of 2 to 500 or more. Small establishments can place orders based on the budget and requirements. The low-cost option allows you to receive the clear sneeze shield you need to protect your premises.

To ensure you have your ceiling-hanging sneeze guard as soon as possible, choose from a choice of shipping options, including doorstep delivery. Based on your budget and the urgency with which you require delivery, choose an option from the list.

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