Hanging Sneeze Guard - Clear Vinyl

Hanging Sneeze Guard - Clear Vinyl


A protective shield, ideally used at counters, tables, workstations to stop the spread of airborne viruses. 

  • Constructed of transparent PVC Vinyl, which boasts excellent visibility
  • Includes clear panel and complete hardware
  • Placement style- Ceiling Hanging 
  • Easy and quick self-installation 
  • No print included

Hanging Sneeze Guard- Hang. Shield. Protect!

Ward off airborne viruses and infections by installing this hanging sneeze guard at your checkout counters, billing stations, workstations, or bar/restaurant tables. Also referred to as drop ceiling sneeze guard, this is one of the necessary accessories that every brick and mortar space requires as we fight a global pandemic. This shield is not just meant to prevent coronavirus but every such virus or disease that tends to travel through air particles. All you need to do is suspend this hanging guard at your physical store or space to create physically separated sections. The hanging strings will assist you to easily hang the clear vinyl shields using a suspended drop-ceiling, suspensions, grids, etc. The height can be adjusted based on your needs. Make sure to hang it at a height to allow a good enough gap underneath the shield to allow the exchange of transactions like money, card, and products. If you have a wider area, consider installing these vinyl panels in multiple units to make your entire premises a safe place to operate in. Getting these perfect sneeze and cough guards installed in your premises will shield and protect your employees, cashiers, and front desk staff from various aerosol infections. 

Hanging Sneeze Shield Key Features

  • This shield is available in five different dimensions
  • If you order in bulk, you are eligible to different bulk discounts depending on the order quantity
  • The PVC Clear Vinyl (580 GSM) allows excellent visibility
  • The hanging hardware includes 2 100cm long bar, a 92 cm long string, 40mm diameter hanging base with 3 holes on each side
  • You also get the top and bottom clamp bars, 2 Wall Roofs Brackets attached with Aluminium wire hanging strings 2 pcs and 4 Side End Caps with your order
  • It is a very durable yet portable solution
  • Quick and easy to install and equally easy to clean

Apart from this clear vinyl hanging sneeze guard, we are also offering floor standing sneeze shields and roll-up screen shields here at BestOfSigns. So, you can pick the most relevant guard type to fit your space needs.

Please note that this clear guard is pre-designed protective equipment that cannot be custom designed or personalized. It is an in-stock and ready-to-ship COVID-19 safety supplies solution. 

Place your order now and get this sneeze guard shield with the lowest price guarantee. Plus, enjoy free shipping too!