Happy New Year Outdoor Floor Mats

Happy New Year Outdoor Floor Mats

  • Aesthetically pleasing ‘Happy New Year’ outdoor floor mats.
  • It has a material thickness of 1.5-2mm.
  • The pile material used is polyester non-woven fabric.
  • The back material used is Nitrile rubber.
  • Special discounts are available on bulk orders.

Our Outdoor Floor Mats Are Designed Beautifully

New Year is a joyful occasion for one and all. Convey your new year's wishes to your friends and family brilliantly with our ‘Happy New Year’ Outdoor Floor Mats. Its excellent lettering and vibrancy adds more cheer to your new year celebrations. The design is alluring to one and all and remains noticeable amidst a crowd.

We use Polyester Non-woven Fabrics as the pile material in our floor mats. This is what gives our floor mats a soft and fuzzy feel. Polyester non-woven fabrics also make our outdoor floor mats durable due to their ability to hold in warmth from the atmosphere and resist moisture.

Our outdoor floor mat is available in 3 Ft x 2 Ft size. You can keep it at your home entrance and greet all your guests. It has a graphic weight of 1kgs/pc, which makes it extremely lightweight.

Perfect For All Weather Conditions

The back material used to create our floor mats is nitrile rubber, which makes it heavily resistant to wear and tear. Regardless of whether your day is sunny or marked with constant rainfall, our outdoor floor mats will not show any signs of damage.

We Provide Special Discounts On Bulk Orders

For every bulk order that we receive, we give a special discount. The discount amount depends upon the purchased quantity. Buy our floor mats today and get your special discount.