Hard Case Podium (For Pop Ups)

Hard Case Podium (For Pop Ups)


Carry Your Pop-Ups Safety with Hard Case Podiums

  • Impact and corrosion-resistant structure maintain durability.
  • Select from various sizes to suit your display requirements.
  • Lightweight materials make the podiums easy to transport.
  • Built-in wheels offer mobility.
  • Podiums help with storage and serve as display stands.

Adaptable Plastic Podiums are Portable and Resilient

You might have to carry your promotional pop-ups from one convention to another to promote your business. Ensuring that your tools are safe and undamaged while you move them should be a priority. Our hard case podiums offer easy storage and safe transportation of your marketing tools, making your work more effective.

Impact and corrosion-resistant molded plastic construction make the display podiums highly durable. A sturdy structure keeps your pop-ups safe.

Explore customization options with our storage podiums to match your requirements. Select from various sizes and provide us with detailed instructions to get brand-specific podiums.

Lightweight plastic podiums offer easy transportation, either by hand or by vehicle. Easy to reposition, the podiums make for a smart long-term investment with high returns.

Multipurpose Storage Podiums Offer Mobility

With wheels in place on the bottom of our portable podiums, you can easily carry your pop-ups from one destination to another. An upright structure maintains balance while you roll the podiums across foyers and convention centers. Reliable latches keep the lids closed so that the contents of the hard case podiums stay secure while you're moving them.

You can put our plastic podiums to multiple uses besides transport and storage. The podiums may serve as stands for your pop-up display tools. The display podiums are easy to set up, disassemble, and reassemble for subsequent uses.

Display Podiums are Simple to Get

Ordering our portable podiums is a convenient process. With multiple shipping and delivery options, you can cater to your budget and delivery urgency while placing the order.

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