Heart Shaped Backdrop

Heart Shaped Backdrop

  • Heart backdrop with single or double-sided graphics.
  • The frame features aluminum tubing with numbered push-pin poles.
  • Made of corrosion & weather-resistant material.
  • Dye-sublimation technique used for printing.
  • Available in standard size- 6.5 ft width x 6.5 ft height approx.

Heart-Shaped Backdrop are Resistant to Rust

To stand out in a crowd and make an impact, you'll need a captivating backdrop that draws pedestrians' attention at first glance. A unique shaped backdrop would be the most intelligent solution to intrigue people to stop and see your message. This unusually curved backdrop is ideal for commercials and will elevate your endorsement to a whole new level.

Our unique-shaped backdrop is made of heavy-duty, rust-resistant material and incorporates sturdy aluminum. The rust and corrosion-resistant properties of our backdrop make it suitable for both indoor and outdoor. Our backdrops are built to last and will not lose their shape even in harsh weather.

Supported by a robust frame, our backdrop is constructed out of aluminum tubing with numbered push-pin poles. The backdrop can be quickly installed and dismantled. Our backdrop's structure is kept intact and sturdy thanks to the robust frame. You can use it for a long time without being concerned about its stability and longevity.

Best of signs creates a high-quality heart backdrop using 240 GSM tension fabric. Light and durable, you can bet on the fabric’s quality to last a long time. The fabric is low-maintenance, ensuring that the backdrop remains new at all times.

High-Quality Printed Backdrop Available in Single or Double Side Graphics

Our heart backdrop is created using dye-sublimation printing. This approach produces high-resolution, colorful, and vivid images making the backdrop legible from a distance and fade-resistant. You can rest assured that your message is clearly conveyed to everyone, even if they are distant apart.

Available in single and double-sided options, you can have your text and graphics displayed on both sides to capture a significant audience. These distinctive curved backgrounds can be used not only in expos, trade exhibitions, or advertisements but also in your most memorable occasions such as bridal showers, weddings, anniversaries, birthday celebrations, and more.

Our Heart Backdrops are Available in Standard Size

Comes in a standard size of 6.5 ft width x 6.5 ft height approx, our backdrop’s size is just perfect for any location. These easy-to-assemble heart backdrops are available with a nylon carry bag for hassle-free portability.