Hello Floor Mats

Hello Floor Mats


'Hello' Floor Mats That Make a Home More Inviting

  • The coral fleece fabric is resistant to heavy foot traffic.
  • Non-woven fabric prevents 'Hello' floor mats from sliding.
  • The full-color 1440-DPI printing yields eye-catching colors.
  • The pre-printed mats make selection easy.

Sturdy Coral Fleece Fabric

The stress of the modern daily grind wears most people down by the time they get home from work. Regardless of your circumstances, having one of our 'Hello' floor mats at the entrance of your house will set the mood for relaxation in your private space. They will prevent you from slipping or falling as you enter the house during the rainy season.

The coral fleece material used to make the mats is hard wearing. Every decal withstands heavy usage as an entrance mat. The mats don’t suffer any permanent damage from dust, water, or heat. This allows them to last a long time, eliminating the need to incur regular replacement costs.

The mats have a rubberized underside that maintains a firm grip with all kinds of surfaces. They don’t slip when placing them on polished marble or wood parquet floors. This is a must-have feature for busy entrances at home or commercial spaces since it can prevent slipping accidents.

The full-color 1440-DPI printing of the 'Hello' floor mats produces beautiful text and image. It resists most forms of chemical damage, including moisture and heat. The mats look fresh for years, since the technique produces prints that don’t fade with time.

Pre-Printed Coral Fleece Mats

Clients who need to order printed floor mats urgently shouldn't worry. They can choose from a variety of gorgeous-looking pre-printed mats available on our website.

Customizable floor mats let you tweak their look and feel to match your house, building, or office theme. The colors, text, and size are adjustable using the online design tool.

Great Discounts on Bulk Purchases

Make bulk purchases to get a special discount, which lowers your costs. This applies to orders of two signs up to 500 signs.

Shop 'Hello' floor mats for a more inviting and relaxing home entrance online at Best of Signs.