HIP Reflective Magnetic Signs

HIP Reflective Magnetic Signs


Hardworking magnetic signs convert business vehicle to personal in seconds

  • Clearly visible at night times
  • Hold up well in all weather conditions
  • Vivid full-color graphics in a variety of sizes that can be customized and even die-cut

Ideal for Businesses which operate day and night

Do you want to make your advertisements more attractive during the night? Reflective Magnetic signs make this happen for you. These magnets illuminate when light from street lamps, headlights or any other source of light is reflected off it. Reflective Magnetic signs works as excellent additions to emergency vehicles or security fleets. These magnets appear to be like flashlights from a distance, attracting the attention of everyone, it increases visibility and name recognition, and it reduces the chances of an accident considerably. These magnets allow you advertise your message 24 hours a day, making them ideal for businesses which work day and night.

These magnetic signs make use of high quality materials

These Reflective magnetic signs are used for a variety of purposes. These magnets are most commonly used by security vehicles which are continuously patrolling offices and neighborhoods. This is one of the best ways to get you noticed and visible to those who are in need. These magnetic signs can also be used by trainee drivers, to inform other drivers that they are under training. Our magnetic metallic signs are produced using a reflective film which is of high quality.

Apart from this it uses a 30 mil (.036) magnetic material which is particularly made for outdoor use. These reflective signs are available in a variety of sizes and can be ordered in varying quantities. You should therefore, measure the size of your vehicle and get Custom Reflective Magnetic Signs made for it.

Reflective Car Magnets make your message more prominent

In order for these reflective car magnets to function effectively, they should be designed appropriately. While creating reflective car magnets, the chosen colors determine the defectiveness of the sign. In order to increase the reflective characteristic, you should use light and bright colors, because they reflect more light. Also, to make the message more prominent, color contrast with the design is very important. Normally, the best results are produced by dark text printed on a light background. We provide you with an online studio and fully-customizable templates, which are free, so that you are able to personalize your reflective car magnets. Alternatively you have the choice to upload your own complete design. The reflective car magnets that we produce are made with highly-reflective and full-color digital printing.