HIP Reflective Yard Sale Signs

HIP Reflective Yard Sale Signs


HIP Reflective Yard Sale Signs Increase Brand Recognition

  • The yard signs have tough corflute plastic for long-term use.
  • Images printed using direct UV printing for visual clarity.
  • A variety of customization choices for yard signs are available.
  • The signs have lightweight materials for portable.
  • Look for discounts on large orders of signage.

Yard Sale Signs with HIP Reflective Film Add Extra Visibility

To draw in clients, increase income, and grow your enterprise, you must stand out from the crowd. Effective lawn sale signs can help you increase brand recognition and attract new customers. These signs with high-intensity prismatic (HIP) film are an excellent advertising tool that reflects light, attracts attention, and allows you to communicate your brand message.

We use a 5 mm thick 1200 GSM Corflute plastic material with exceptional impact resistance to withstand regular handling. The coating prevents scratches and abrasion, guaranteeing that the customized yard signs remain in good condition. The material is weather-resistant, so you can put signs outside for customers to see.

When printing at 600 DPI, high-quality prints have legible details. Full-color UV printing produces vibrant finishes with notable contrast, attracting the attention of passersby. To improve the fade-resistance of the prints on the outdoor yard signs, we use direct-to-substrate printing.

You have the option of choosing from multiple sign sizes or having a custom size. To have your brand message displayed on both sides, select two-sided printing. Include aluminum stakes to make installation easier. Use the Pantone (PSM) color match option to preserve color consistency. Upload artwork, use our templates to develop fresh designs, or hire a professional to assist you.

Easy-to-Transport Advertising Yard Signs

The custom yard sign features lightweight material for effortless movement. For a quick installation, use metal stakes to anchor the signage. Reuse the signs as much as possible in multiple locations to reduce your advertising expenditures and reach a bigger target audience.

Several delivery options, including quick doorstep delivery, are available depending on your urgency and budget. Increase the brand exposure and foot traffic by placing an order for outdoor yard signs using the best delivery method that best suits your need.

With Yard Sale Signs, You Can Get Bulk Order Discounts

Whether you have a small business, place printed yard sign orders based on your budget and requirements. You can get savings if you buy in amounts ranging from 2 to 500, which will help you stick to your budget. The lower the per-unit cost, the higher the quantity you order, allowing you to keep inside your ad budget while reaching a larger potential market.

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