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Hospital Signs

Streamline Healthcare Facility Operations Using Hospital Emergency Signs

Durable and Versatile Hospital Safety Signs

Healthcare facilities such as clinics and hospitals serve many patients and visitors daily. As a result, it is critical to use proper signs to simplify navigation and clarify health safety requirements. Our collection of hospital emergency signs promotes a smooth flow of operations in your medical facility and increases the quality of care. They come in a variety of styles for use in various settings. You can choose from different graphic and base materials to meet your specific needs. Manufactured from sturdy materials such as metal and vinyl, these hospital signs are durable. They have high graphic thickness and weight ratings, which improve tear resistance.

Hospital Emergency Signs are Easily Noticeable

Our digital printing technology employs high-quality inks to produce crisp text and graphics. Their eye-catching visuals rapidly capture the attention of passersby. Designed with full-color visuals and bold lettering, these signs are easy to notice. Hospital safety signs are high-resolution and legible from a distance. We offer vinyl decals with pressure-sensitive adhesive on the backs and Kraft paper linings, for easy application. The adhesive on these decals is strong and adheres well to most materials, including rough and sand-cast surfaces.

Laminated Hospital Symbol Signs for Any Weather

These healthcare signs come with a laminated coating that enhances weatherability. This laminated layer protects the surface from scratches and chemical damage. Our hospital symbol signs can withstand temperatures ranging from -58°F to +194°F, allowing for installation in many conditions. Their water-resistant materials such as rustproof aluminum support usage in moisture-prone outdoor environments. Bulk quantity discounts are available for orders of two or more healthcare signs, helping to reduce your company's signage expenditures.

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