Hospital Vinyl Letters

Hospital Vinyl Letters

  • The clear vinyl letters have weather-resistant properties for long-term usage.
  • Multi-color letter upgrades make the letters eye catching and appealing.
  • The reverse-cut option allows attachment to the inside of windows and doors.
  • A design tool and templates enable personalized orders.
  • An optional squeegee facilitates mounting.

Accessorize Your Hospital With Quality Vinyl Letter Signs

Durable Vinyl Letter Signs With Quality Graphic Printing

Hospitals can have a serious and intimidating atmosphere, which is stressful for patients and visitors. Give your institution a creative touch with our premium, attention-grabbing vinyl letter signs. From funny to encouraging, they improve the vibe of your institution so people feel comfortable.

Our self-adhesive signs are a durable solution to your messaging needs, minimizing your purchase of replacements. These opaque signs consist of robust 120-micron monomeric vinyl, which combats the effects of water and UV rays for lasting outdoor use.

Through an innovative printing method, the letters appear sharp, with vibrant colors that catch the eye. Overall artwork sizes range from 1 ft. x 1 ft. to 3 ft. x 2 ft., but you can customize the dimensions for larger, more apparent messaging. Each letter requires a standard measurement of at least an inch, so your text is visible from varying distances. 

We offer various cuts to suit different surfaces within your institution. Choose regular-cut lettering to mount directly on surfaces to decorate walls in lobbies or waiting rooms. Reverse-cut signs apply to the inside of a glass window or door so it reads normally from the outside.

Customizable Opaque Signs for Your Business

Set your institution apart with personalized lettering that reflects your brand. Our design tool lets you add text, fonts, and colors to any of our available templates. Uploading ready-to-print artwork results in a purely original sign and quickens the order process.

Our hospital color vinyl signs come in standard single-color printing, which suits directional labels such as 'Exit' and 'Emergency Room'. Opting for multicolor printing lets you emphasize certain words in creative or inspirational messages.

Vinyl Letter Signs Are Easy to Install

Our hospital signs are self-adhesive for easy attachment. The optional squeegee helps you apply even pressure across the letters for smooth, bubble-free installation.

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