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Hospitals / Clinics Floor Decals

Spread Awareness About Airborne Contaminants With Pre-Printed Floor Decals

Safety Floor Decals Offer Durability

Contribute towards curbing the spread of disease-causing pathogens at your facility. With our safety floor decals, you can communicate effectively with your visitors and convey safety protocols to ensure that your space does not get infected. Demarcate departments to help visitors navigate through your facility with high-quality and versatile decals. Featuring a 210 micron flexible monomeric PVC construction, our pandemic safety signs offer high durability. A glue strength of 12N/25mm ensures that the decals stay in place. With a classic matte finish, our pre-printed floor decals are non-slip display tools. Decals featuring premium class wear- and tear-resistant materials offer a long-lasting application.

Clinic Signs Come with Customization Options

You can choose from our pre-designed decals to cut down on customization costs. Hospital signs feature vivid graphics with legible messages to connect with your audience. Go with our standard sizes or specify the dimensions you require. Our sizes vary between 4ft x 3ft and 4ft x 4ft for large variants and 2ft x 2ft and 3ft x 2ft for small variants. You can also choose to have full-, partial-, or no-white ink on the pre-printed floor decal graphics to achieve the level of transparency of your choice.

High-Quality Graphics Ensure Maximum Attention From Visitors

With high contrasting backgrounds and crisp fonts, our pandemic safety signs offer a visually appealing means of communication to attract your visitors. A full-color, 720 or 600 dots per inch (DPI) LED cured printing generates brilliant colors and extraordinarily vibrant graphics. Our safety floor decals come with UV printing and eco-solvent printing options. You need a handy squeegee tool to install the decals, which lessens the time and effort that go into installing bulky display tools. Order pre-printed floor decals in bulk and unlock exciting discounts.