Huge Sale Inflatable Tube Man Red with Yellow Arms

Huge Sale Inflatable Tube Man Red with Yellow Arms

  • The combination of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and nylon ensures durability even on uneven surfaces.
  • Choose either a blower, graphic, or both.
  • Blowers and tube men are easy to assemble.
  • Tube dancers come with pre-designed colors and text and are ready to use.

Inflatable Tube Men Draw in New Customers

Inflatable Tube Men Spark Interest From the Public

To increase the chances of a productive day, sales managers at local businesses seek to attract as many customers as possible. The red inflatable tube guys offer a unique visual spectacle that you can notice from afar, attracting more potential clients. This strategy draws attention throughout the day, freeing up your team to focus on your clients.

The wacky wavy inflatable tube men are made of robust, rip-resistant material that makes them suitable for outdoor use. Flexible polyamide nylon silk mixes with tarpaulin and comes with a PVC and nylon bottom to endure uneven surfaces. Outdoor use is safe with its sealed and waterproofed blowers.

Choose from a variety of buying options such as only the graphics, blower unit, or both. For specific displays, customize the tube man with your own visuals. Give specific details to tailor your order to your specific small business's needs.

Massive sale signs, as well as the associated blower motors, are modular and portable. The blowers have wheels and handles for effortless movement. Place the tube men in parking lots with few to no visual barriers to give the best visibility possible. Displaying tube dancers near entrance doors makes them a fun greeting tool for guests.

Advertising Inflatable Men With Bold Texts

The red inflatable tube guys take only a few minutes to set up. To begin their continually changing movement, connect the sign to the blower and turn it on. 

We have embroidered ""Huge Sale"" in white block text on the inflatable dancing men to serve as a contrast against the red background. The bright yellow arms contrast with the crimson of the torso and add to its visibility. Black tassels simulate hair, and fingers provide additional movement. The features need no extra assembly or modification, making the dancing guys ready-to-use right away.

Inflatable Tube Men Offer Easy Care Options

Cleaning and maintaining the large sale signs is a simple task if you follow the right care recommendations. To eliminate dust and pollen that accumulate during the outside shows, wash in front-loading machines. Hand-washing is another safe method for extending the fabric's life.

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