A Inflatable Tube Man 12" Weather Resistant Blower (For 10ft)

A Inflatable Tube Man 12" Weather Resistant Blower (For 10ft)


Attract Vital Attention With Inflatable Man Blowers

  • Air blowers have improved motors for power efficiency.
  • high capacity output for constant optimal performance.
  • Suitable for many industries, including advertising and farming.
  • We offer progressive discounts for bulk buyers.

Tube Man Blowers Are Durable and Easy to Use

Attracting the attention of people in a crowd needs unique thinking to succeed. Our air dance blowers will serve you well, whether you are advertising, amusing, or chasing away birds on farms. Our inflatable tube man regular blowers are weatherproof, with an improved new motor for better results.

These inflatable man blowers offer ease of use with faster and convenient electric switches. With an 8 ft. long electric cable, you can source power from a safe distance. Plugin your blower and enjoy instant air blowing for your fun.

Tube man blowers come with high-capacity input for better results. The 12-inch wide diameter blower vent offers constant high pressure for continuous entertainment. Our ½ HP blowers have an impressive 2100 cubic feet per minute constant air pressure supply for stable tube inflation.

Wavy man blowers are durable with light maintenance. They come with improved motors for low energy consumption. Operate them outdoors without fear, as they are weatherproof in cold, dry, light rain, or windy situations. Our new air blowers have low maintenance with periodic electric checkups since they have internationally recognized IP 44 standard ratings.

Efficient Tube Man Blowers Are Versatile for Several Occasions

Air dancer blowers are versatile and suitable for use in several industries. You can anchor them as your advertising tools in an exhibition, have fun with children in an amusement park, or make them chase away birds on farms. Inflatable tube man blowers are compatible with numerous tubes, making them an all-around tool.

Tube man blowers do not have roller wheels, and that improves their efficiency. The 4-leg stands ensure their stability on flat ground for better air movement. The stand-alone blowers have less vibration and do not slide or move while working.

Buy Inflatable Man Blowers With Bulk Discounts

We know you may need more than one air blower. Our market pricing gives you special consideration with progressive discounts for bulk orders. You will save more money for flexible purchasing.

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