A Inflatable Tube Man 18" Weather Resistant Blower (For 14ft / 20ft)

A Inflatable Tube Man 18" Weather Resistant Blower (For 14ft / 20ft)


Inflatable Man Blowers to Install Advertising Air Dancers

  • Weather-resistant design, IP44 rating make Blower suitable for outdoor use.
  • The locking roller wheels and arms allow for simple movement.
  • The one horsepower motor allows quick installation.
  • You can save costs, as the blower consumes less energy.

Boost Your Business with the Superior Inflatable Tube Man 18" All-Weather Blower

Elevate your brand's visibility with our premium Inflatable Tube Man Blowers. Ideal for both 14ft and 20ft models, these sturdy yet lightweight blowers ensure your promotional tube man is always the center of attention, captivating passersby and enhancing your marketing efforts.

Designed to endure, our blowers boast exceptional weather resistance, perfect for any climate or season. Featuring a 1hp motor encased for protection and a high IP Rating of 44, they ensure uninterrupted operation in all weather conditions. With a powerful 5000 CFM airflow and a 110v/60hz power system with 6.2 Amps, these blowers deliver unwavering and dynamic performance.

Setting up is effortless with our 18-inch blowers, emphasizing user-friendly installation. They're easy to move and reposition, thanks to convenient locking wheels, offering flexibility in maximizing your advertisement's exposure.

Adjustable Speed for Tailored Advertising Impact: Tailoring Your Promotional Impact with Our Secure Tube Man Blowers

Switch between high and low speeds to match your marketing needs. Whether for a subtle display or a dynamic spectacle, our Tube Man Blower adapts perfectly to your campaign, making your inflatable stand out.

We prioritize safety; hence, our blowers are fitted with a waterproof switch housing. This not only enhances their weather-resistant qualities but also assures safe operation under all conditions.

Simplified Purchase: Enhance Your Marketing with Our Versatile Inflatable Tube Man Blowers

Ordering your commercial-grade inflatable blower is a straightforward experience. We provide customization to align the blower with your unique requirements. Ideal for various settings like trade shows, outdoor events, or store fronts, our blowers are the epitome of versatility and adaptability.

Opt for our Inflatable Tube Man 18" Weather Resistant Blower suitable for both 14ft and 20ft models, and experience a notable increase in your brand's visibility and charm. Shop with us to revamp your advertising with unmatched efficiency, durability, and elegance.