A Inflatable Tube Man 18" Weather Resistant Blower (For 14ft / 20ft)

A Inflatable Tube Man 18" Weather Resistant Blower (For 14ft / 20ft)


Inflatable Man Blowers to Install Advertising Air Dancers

  • Weather-resistant design, IP44 rating make Blower suitable for outdoor use.
  • The locking roller wheels and arms allow for simple movement.
  • The one horsepower motor allows quick installation.
  • You can save costs, as the blower consumes less energy.

Hard-Wearing Inflatable Man Blowers

Many people love the wacky dance moves performed by air dancers but are afraid of the assembly process. Despite the size, setting the tube man is quick and easy with an air blower. Our sturdy inflatable man blowers are a simple way to power your 14 or 20 ft. air dancers to achieve the wiggly wavy motion for your promotional needs.

Installing tube men during extreme conditions isn’t stressful since the blower is weather resistant. It can withstand water splashes from all directions and snowfall. The IP44 rating means the blower is protected from foreign bodies like dirt, eliminating the need for unplanned purchases.

All air dancer blowers have arms on both sides, ensuring quick movement from one spot to another. You can also switch positions by pulling the blower since it has locking roller wheels. This design saves you from lifting the blower when moving it on a flat surface, saving time as well.

Featuring a 1-horsepower motor, the tube man blowers make installation easy and fast. Inflating at 5000 cubic feet per minute, they set up a tube man within minutes, saving time and effort.

Energy Saving Air Dancer Blowers

Powered at 110v/60hz and an electric current of 6.2 Amps, they consume less power. Entrepreneurs can use air dancers to host continuous promotions without worrying about paying hefty electricity bills.

The 2-speed options, including high and low, allow you to regulate the dancing motion depending on how windy the area is. This makes them a versatile promotional tool, fitting for testing environments.

Safe Inflatable Man Blowers

The switch housing is waterproof to prevent short circuits that are unsafe for the operator. The blower also lasts long, as it doesn’t get damaged by rain easily.

Buy inflatable tube man blowers to set up your air dancers online at Best of Signs.