A Inflatable Tube Man 9" Regular Blower (For 6ft)

A Inflatable Tube Man 9" Regular Blower (For 6ft)


Inflatable Man Blowers for Effective Business and Event Promotions

  • A power rating of 1/4 HP, 115v/60Hz ensures optimal performance.
  • The sturdy metallic build offers longevity.
  • A 9-inch diameter blower head suits a 6-ft inflatable man.
  • The lightweight construction and side arms ease relocation.
  • Hook-and-loop mounts facilitate a steadfast setup.

High-Performance Inflatable Man Blowers Offer Optimal Visibility

To drive business growth and brand awareness, it’s necessary to use larger-than-life marketing tools or people will overlook your brand. Whether your target audience consists of passersby or drive-by motorists, our inflatable man blowers power a promotional tube figure to get your message across. These large-size blowers are powerful, keeping your inflatable man upright to draw the attention of both potential and existing clients. Set them up at strategic outdoor locations such as storefronts for maximum visibility.

This equipment blows air at 980 cubic feet per minute to achieve various heights. With 1/4 horsepower, it accelerates airflow to inflate the advertisement tube. The 1-speed rate sustains dynamic motions, which ensure that this promotional attachment remains in action. It also has a 115/60 Hz power rating which guarantees energy efficiency.

Since they have a heavy-duty build, these air dancer blowers are long lasting. The metallic construction makes them a reliable tool for dry outdoor locations. With a rugged build, these blowers withstand air pressure impact, making them a sturdy air conduit.

Our air blowers feature a 9” diameter, ensuring their compatibility with various 6 ft inflatable tubes. Additionally, their power output matches the flex properties in different inflatable tube men. These tube man blowers have a standard power rating that works well with common AC power sources.

Portable Wavy Man Blowers Provide Ease of Installation

These machines come with a lightweight build, simplifying storage and transportation. Pick up this equipment by its side arms for convenient relocation to preferred settings.

Our wavy man blowers feature hook-and-loop mounts for a snug attachment to an inflatable tube man. The quad feet ensure that the whole setup remains steadfast in any placement. Use the included 8-foot power cord to plug your blower into a standard outlet and drive it into action.

Easily Maintain the Inflatable Man Blowers for Operational Efficiency

Clean and oil your blower regularly for optimal operation. You can use standard tools to fasten or align various elements for a simple DIY routine.

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