A Inflatable Tube Man 9" Weather Resistant Blower (For 6ft)

A Inflatable Tube Man 9" Weather Resistant Blower (For 6ft)


Weather Resistant Blowers Create Steady and Strong Airflow

  • The design is light and portable, with attached handles.
  • Customization options are available.
  • The units are simple to assemble and deploy.
  • Durable, weather resistant construction allows outdoor use.
  • Our air blowers are suitable for a variety of tube dancers.

Boost Your Brand with Our High-Performance, Weather-Resistant Inflatable Tube Man Blower

Elevate your outdoor advertising with our Inflatable Tube Man 9" Weather Resistant Blower. This durable and portable blower is tailor-made for your 6ft inflatable tube man, ensuring maximum visibility in all weather conditions.

Specially designed for 6ft inflatables, Our blower is the key to dynamic and engaging movements of your tube man. Featuring a robust, fully enclosed 1/4hp motor, it operates at an efficient 115v/60hz, drawing a minimal 1.67 Amps. With a powerful airflow of 980 Cubic Feet Per Minute (CFM), it guarantees an animated and vibrant performance. Its weatherproof design, inclusive of a weatherproof switch housing and an IP rating of 44, ensures consistent and safe operation outdoors.

Portable and Customizable for Impactful Marketing

Our Inflatable Tube Man Blower boasts a compact, 9-inch design, making it extremely portable and easy to store. Designed with ergonomics in mind, it features side handles for easy transportation to various event locations. Customize your blower to match your brand or event theme, amplifying your advertising impact.

These air dancer blowers come fully assembled for a quick and effortless setup. Their modular design ensures easy attachment to your tube mascot without needing additional equipment. Just plug it in and watch as it transforms your marketing display.

Order Your Inflatable Tube Man 9" Weather Resistant Blower Today

Revolutionize your promotional efforts with our reliable and weather-resistant inflatable blower. Ideal for grand openings, sales, and festivals, our blowers are essential for effective and engaging advertising. Visit us for a seamless online shopping experience tailored to all business sizes and budgets.