Iraq Flag

Iraq Flag

  • We use an authentic Iraq flag design with crisp printing.
  • Choose from a variety of sizes, grommets or pole pockets to install flag.
  • The flags are pre-printed and ready to use.
  • We can wash the flags in the machine or by hand.

With Iraqi Flags, Display Your Affection to the Country Proudly

Colorful Country Flags Include Sentimental Value

If you're organising an International food festival, you'll need the means to respect the cultural context and origins of the meals of the respective countries. If it is the Iraqi counter, use Iraq pole pocket flags to decorate walls, windows, and outdoor areas. Our flags serve as a visual shorthand for the country's history and contemporary relevance. Displaying Iraqi flags where tourists can see them sends a message of support and devotion. 

Dye-sublimation printing creates brilliant colors that define the features of the Iraqi national flag, giving it a genuine appearance. Iraqi flags contain red, white, and black stripes to symbolize Arab liberation, with Kufic lettering in green on the white stripe. The colors are constant throughout, and we print the flags on one side to make displaying in proper position easier.

Advertisement flags are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate various spaces and display requirements. When exhibiting flags on walls, choose metal grommets for hanging from the top or on the side. Choose a side or top pole pocket whether mounting on a vertical or horizontal pole indoors or outdoors.

We make the country flags with lightweight cloths, which are easy to fold into a small size that takes up minimal storage space. Transporting the flags between sites is easy, and the option to use the flags in multiple locations helps boost your return on investment.

Country Flags are Pre-Assembled and Simple to Maintain

Country flags are ready to use and display on arrival. There is no need to create a new design because the pre-printed image represents a country's recognized and unique flag. 

When you expose a pole pocket flag to dust and the elements, it requires regular cleaning. You can machine wash the fabric if you use the proper setting and detergent, or you can hand-wash for a more delicate cleaning process. Keeping your flags clean will help you maintain vibrancy over time and protect your investment.

Country Flags are Available in Bulk at a Reduced Price

When ordering national flags in bulk, you receive a discount. Discounts increase in percentage until orders of 500 or more, assisting you with cost savings.

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