Israel Flag

Israel Flag

  • Dye-sublimation printing produces vibrant, long-lasting colors.
  • You can easily fold the flags for storage and transportation.
  • The flags have been pre-printed, finished, and are ready to hang.
  • Get the flags you need for any occasion, and opt for a bulk discount.

An Israel Flag is a Great Way to Honor Israel's Significance

Visually Appealing Country Flags with Easy Maintenance

Religious or cultural celebrations require universal exhibit pieces that complement the event. The State of Israel's national flag commemorates the country's long history, culture and heritage. Buy national flags with versatile mounting options for convenient placement in your area. 

Striking prints on these flags come from dye-sublimation printing. The Star of David in the center of the blue stripes pops against the white background. The colors and designs remain durable, even when exposed to the elements for extended periods of time.

The pole pocket flags come in three sizes to fulfill display needs indoors and out, ensuring that people see the flags at the proper viewing distance. For easy installation of the flags on poles or ropes through the grommets, choose grommet or pole pocket finishing at the top or side.

Fold the cloth to save space in storage containers or other areas when it's time to take down or move the country flags. The lightweight material is easy to transport by hand or by vehicle, and you can reuse it multiple times for a higher return on investment.

Country Flags are Readily Available and Simple to Use

There is no need for extra graphics or design because we pre-print the country flags with the State of Israel's distinctive insignia. The flags are ready to hang on flagpoles or exhibit in other places right out of the box.

Choose a delivery speed that best suits your company's or event's needs and budget. Get the single-sided flag you need for any event or charity organization.

Buy Country Flags in Bulk and Save

Order a single Israel national flag or select quantities ranging from 2 to 500 and receive a discount proportional to the increased order size.

Shop for Israel Flags for your local organization online at Best of Signs.