Kraft Paper Shopping Bags - Brown

Kraft Paper Shopping Bags - Brown


Brown Kraft Paper Shopping Bags are Functional & Stylish

  • Features 130 GSM Kraft paper for a long life.
  • Has a rich brown color on the inside and the outside.
  • Equipped with a paper handle for a firm grip.
  • Shopping bags come in multiple sizes.
  • The handle is brown in color.

Our 130 GSM Kraft Paper Makes the Brown Kraft Paper Shopping Bags Durable

As of late, businesses worldwide are adopting paper bags for their packaging needs. When compared to their plastic counterparts, paper bags have the distinct advantage of not adding to environmental damage. 100% recyclable and reusable, paper bags last for years.

At Best of Signs, our premium-quality brown Kraft paper shopping bags combine strength and functionality to give you a durable bag. Made from premium-quality Kraft paper weighing 130 GSM, they are stronger than conventional paper bags. The pulping process eliminates lignin content, leaving behind a higher cellulose content that makes the bags durable.

Easy to carry and lightweight, our Kraft paper shopping bags feature a sturdy handle that gives you a firm grip. Made from paper, the handle adds to the bag’s robust construction. It allows you to carry the paper bags easily without stressing about bending or breaking.

Custom Kraft Paper Shopping Bags Come in Multiple Sizes

At Best of Signs, our sturdy Kraft paper shopping bags come in multiple sizes (W X D X H) like 5.5’’ x 3.25’’ x 8.375’’, 10’’ x 5’’ x 13’’, 14’’ x 10’’ x 15.5’’, 16’’ x 6’’ x 19.25’’, and 8’’ x 4’’ x 10’’. You can select the size that perfectly matches your brand’s requirements and packaging needs.

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