Leave Your Shoes Floor Mats

Leave Your Shoes Floor Mats


Printed Floor Mats to Politely Ask Guests to Remove Their Shoes

  • The coral fleece pile resists heat damage and wear.
  • Full-color 1440-DPI printing produces impressive graphics.
  • The sturdy grippers on the non-woven fabric prevent slipping.
  • Customize the mats to meet your unique messaging needs.

Non-Woven Coral Fleece Printed Floor Mats

Cracks and treads in shoes are ideal places for bacteria to linger. With the outrageous infections that come from germs, it’s vital that every homeowner comes up with a strategy that prevents people from tracking contaminants in their homes. Our printed floor mats are a courteous way to alert anyone coming to your safe space to remove their shoes. You also spend less time vacuuming and cleaning the floors, which also gives your indoor carpet a longer life.

Keeping the mats all year round doesn’t come with hefty replacement costs, as the coral fleece pile material is hard wearing. It withstands heat damage and is resistant to wear and tear despite heavy use.

The full-color 1440-DPI dye-sublimation printing delivers conspicuous images and text. The printed floor mats grab the attention of your guests from afar.

On the back of the mats are durable non-woven fabrics with sturdy grippers to hold the mats in place. The design is suitable for almost all floor types, ensuring visitors or anyone in your household doesn’t slip.

Custom-Made Coral Fleece Mats

Customizable floor mats spruce up your modern outdoor finishing for a uniform look. Using the online design tool, you can add warm colors to create a welcoming contrast or a stripped design to blend with your interior decor.

Our extensive selection of pre-printed templates caters to anyone who needs to make an urgent order. All outdoor floor mats offer both fashion and function.

Quality Discounts for Bulk Printed Floor Mats

Buying mats in large quantities attracts special discounts. As such, you save costs.

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