Lion Inflatable Tube Man Mascot

Lion Inflatable Tube Man Mascot

  • Tear-resistant nylon and tarpaulin construction maintains durability.
  • Graphics generated with dye-sublimation printing feature vivid and noticeable colors.
  • Choose from an array of sizes and types of blowers.
  • Portable blower handles make the usage convenient.
  • The marketing inflatable mascots come ready to display.

Increase Visual Marketing for Your Establishment With Inflatable Tube Men

High-quality and Durable Wacky Waving Inflatable Tubes Are Customizable

A budding business requires an attractive means to garner the attention of patrons. Visually appealing marketing strategies stay with people for longer and drive them toward the establishment. Displaying a visual marketing tool, such as an inflatable tube mascot, is an underrated yet highly efficacious means to communicate with the target audience. Our inflatable tube men strive to boost your marketing game with interesting and wacky mascots. The high-quality promotional inflatable guys draw the attention of children, proving to be an excellent display tool at establishments like zoos and amusement parks.

With a tear-resistant nylon and tarpaulin structure, our wacky waving inflatable tubes maintain flexibility and durability. A polyvinyl chloride (PVC) base protects the bottom of the mascots from friction and rugged surfaces. Best of Signs inflatable tube guys are sturdy enough for long-term outdoor application.

Detailed graphics from dye-sublimation printing feature natural colors and realistic figures. The hues on our tube mascots run smoothly with consistent and solid images that are distinguishable from afar.

Our Inflatable tube men come in three different sizes for different spatial requirements. Each variant comes with a different blower for smooth operation. Choose to order the tube guys without the blowers or only the blowers depending on the working budget and other requirements of your business.

Preassembled Marketing Inflatable Mascots Offer Portability

Portable wacky waving inflatable tube men are easy to fold and do not take up a lot of space for storage. Lightweight construction makes the mascots convenient to handle and relocate. Blowers come with handles for easy lifting.

Our marketing inflatable men arrive preassembled, saving you time and effort. Preprinted tube guys do not require any graphic alterations from your end. You only need to connect the mascots with a power source to have an efficient marketing tool waving in front of your establishment.

Promotional Inflatable Tube Guys Are Easy to Maintain

A front-loaded machine wash is sufficient to keep the inflated tube guys clean and shiny. You may also hand-wash the fabric to get rid of pollen, without worrying about fading of the colors. Hang-drying is an ideal way to maximize the longevity of the dancing mascots.

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