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Low Clearance Signs

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Promote Workplace Safety Using Low Overhead Signs

Workplace Hazard Signs are Versatile

Communicating accessibility in any workplace helps to prevent accidents and injuries. Install low overhead signs in strategic positions to assist workers and clients in easily assessing entryways and to avoid overhanging hazards. These signs come in a variety of layouts for increased adaptability. We offer signage with a diverse selection of base and graphic materials for installation in different locations. Most have pre-printed messages and graphics that make ordering easier.

Low Overhead Signs are Durable

These signs comprise of tough materials such as metal or vinyl and are durable. With corrosion-resistant material, you can install the signs both indoors and outdoors. Most clearing signs feature laminated graphics and are resistant to scuffs and weather elements. The high graphic weight and thickness ratings enhances longevity to reduce replacement costs. Our digital printing method produces fade-resistant graphics with long-lasting inks. These workplace hazard signs include eye-catching artwork and vibrant colors that make them difficult to ignore. With high-resolution ratings, these signs are readable from a distance. Some signs feature reflecting surfaces that make them extremely visible in low-light conditions. With bold fonts, they quickly grab the attention of staff or visitors.

Install Notice Signs with Ease

These signs are lightweight, allowing for easy handling and placement. Metal variants usually come with pre-drilled holes for speedy mounting. With rounded corners, these signs offer injury-free installation. Some safety signs are available as vinyl decals with pre-applied adhesives for quick application. We offer optional accessories such as plastic squeegees for neat application. To receive a discount on caution low clearance signs, place high volume orders. Our bulk order discount applies to any order of over two units to accommodate small and large businesses.

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