Magnetic Stickers

Magnetic Stickers


Advertising On The Go With Magnetic Stickers

  • Design To Withstand Harshest Weather Condition
  • Best Alternative Of Regular Stickers As Easily Removable And Doesn't Harm Paint
  • Custom Sizes And Many Templates To Choose From

Create awareness, promote your business and post important information.

Everybody loves a giveaway and what better way to promote your business or organization than by handing out customized magnets at your place of business or trade show. You know these magnetic “stickers” will end up on a refrigerator where your contact info will stay top of mind.

Unlike paper stickers that can only be used once, customized magnetic “stickers” can be used over and over and moved to any metallic surface. They are a cost-efficient way to maintain visibility to your target audience.

Popular uses for custom magnets are to keep phone numbers handy for pizza parlors; auto repair shops; plumbers and electricians; doctors', dentists', and chiropractors' offices; hospitals and medical centers; health and human service agencies and public service agencies. Customized magnets are also an ideal tool for communicating key information about nonprofits.

Safety comes first

Another application for custom magnetic signs is to promote safety. The magnets can be adhered to fire extinguisher cases with emergency instructions. They work well on metal cabinets in janitor's closets and utility rooms to announce MSDS sheets or post warnings or cleaning instructions. We'd love to know how you are using our magnets.

Customized in almost any size

You can customize your own magnet with our easy-to-use online tool. Or ask our design professionals for help. We print in full color at 1440 dpi on any size down to one inch by one inch.

No matter what kind of magnet you are looking for, we offer flexibility and functionality, creatively customized, and professionally produced. Custom Magnets ... all at the lowest cost. See our low-price guarantee.