Maintain a Safe Distance Window Clings

Maintain a Safe Distance Window Clings

  • Non-adhesive PVC material makes the clings resistant to wear and tear.
  • Full-color, high-resolution printing creates appealing visuals.
  • You can pick from a variety of sizes.
  • We make installation easier with the provided squeegee tool.
  • The opaque material enhances the privacy.
  • The product will be in multiple pieces if width and height both are more than 58.5 inches

Vinyl Window Cling Promotes Safety

Window Clings are Long-Lasting, High-Quality, and Adaptable

In some parts of your office and retail locations, there may be lots of people. Certain recommended precautions can help protect customers during public health events. Printed window cling encourages people to keep space, while promoting the practice of social distancing. It serves to keep consumers safe by preventing the spread of sickness and lowering downtime.

We make the non-adhesive window cling with PVC, which is a long-lasting and sturdy material. The material, which has a thickness of 150 ±10 µm and a graphic weight of 190 GSM, keeps its integrity for lengthy periods of time on display.

With crisp 600 DPI printing, the window clings deliver a clear message. The method produces visuals and sentences that are clear, understandable, and legible. The clings draw passersby to bright hues, which remind people to be safe.

We provide a variety of customizing choices to ensure that the vinyl window cling is perfect for your local company. Choose from the offered sizes or have your measurements taken to your exact specifications. You can make personalization requests under special instructions.

Printed Window Cling Offers Privacy and is Simple to Set Up

You can start enforcing safe practices right away because the window clings are easy to install. The procedure doesn't require any adhesive, as the clings just stick to the glass via static electricity. We include a squeegee tool with the decals to apply uniform pressure to the material and remove creases and air bubbles.

Our non-adhesive window cling blocks off light and makes it difficult for the people looking through the glass to see what's going on. As a result, the clings can serve a dual purpose, conveying important messages while also providing seclusion. Stick the decals on the glass of conference room doors or the windows of executive suites.

Ready-to-Use Window Clings

The glass window cling arrives completely printed and ready to display at your place of business. You save time, money, since you do not need to design it from scratch. You can select to have your order shown right away.

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