Malaysia Flag


Malaysia Flags Allow You to Show National Support

Malaysia Flags Provide Multiple Hanging Options

You want a means to welcome Malaysian visitors to your home or show support for the largest island country in Southeast Asia. Order national flags to hang inside or outside your building to accomplish this endeavor. This shows visitors you support Malaysia and expresses Malaysian culture to the public.

Malaysian advertising flags feature the Stripes of Excellence design, which features red and white stripes in front of a dark blue background with a yellow sun and moon. The flag contains the official flag's accurate colors that will not alter or fade over time due to high-quality dye sublimation printing. The flag is easily identifiable by visitors. On the reverse is a mirrored picture of the flag with 50 to 60% visibility.

Your patriotic flags come in a variety of finishes to choose from. Choose the proper finish for your flag mounting equipment, such as metal grommets or pole pockets. Finishes can be on the flag fabric's top or left side. Choose from four sizes to find the ideal fit for your wall or space.

Each international flag features a polyester and vinyl yarn with a graphic weight of 90 grams per square meter (GSM). As a result, flags are light. They're simple to set up, carry, and store when needed. The pennants are easy to shift and transfer if you want to hang the flags in a new location. As a result, the product is both reusable and multifunctional.

Easy Ordering of National Flags

The logo and finish on the fabric are already in place on your pole pocket flags when you receive your order. Attach flags to your gear as usual, and you'll be able to fly it in minutes. This saves you time and money by eliminating the need to alter them to make them compatible with your hardware. 

Warm water, moderate laundry detergent, and a gently spin cycle can wash the polyester fabric. Hand-washing the flag with a light liquid detergent is another option. Either method wash the flags clean.

Bulk Order Discounts on Malaysia Flags are Available

You can save money by ordering many country flags at once and receiving a bulk order discount. The pricing per flag gets cheaper as you add more flags to your order. Depending on when you want your order, you can choose between economy and priority shipping.

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