MDF Letters and Numbers

MDF Letters and Numbers


A versatile and adaptable decorative solution that can be used for commercial and residential purposes.

  1.  Available in various font styles and sizes
  2. Different paint type available
  3. Painted/Unpainted option available

Add a Touch of Style & Flair with Wood Craft Letters & Numbers

Looking for an urban decor solution that lends a nice smooth finish while boosting style & modernity? Here’s a solution that is sure to impart a beautiful and sophisticated look to your walls, be it your home or commercial space. Create custom wood letters & numbers for your home, office or business space. You may discover a wide selection of different sized MDF letters and numbers to choose from. Or just customize yours based on your personal preferences. These made-to-order numbers & letters are cut to your given specifications. We leave it to you to choose the size, thickness, and style. Whatever you order, we make sure to put in as much care as possible to offer you a perfectly shaped and beautifully designed custom MDF wooden letter/s of your choice. What you also get is optional mounting hardware, which includes aluminum studs, double face tape, and a paper template.

Not sure where to use these custom wood craft letters? These decorative numbers & letters are perfect for:

  • Events like food shows, product launch, etc.
  • Company address plates
  • House numbers
  • Wall decoration
  • Business logos
  • Gifting purpose (Wedding gifts, birthday gifts, etc.)

What Makes Bestofsigns MDF an Excellent Choice?

Also known as medium density fiberboard, the wood used to create these specialized letters & numbers is not just any regular wood. It is made using compressed wood fibers, making it a more sustainable and affordable form of wood crafting. The composite face of this wood is very smooth, which makes painting easier and lends a decorative edge to each letter or number.

At Bestofsigns, take advantage of the below custom features:

Thickness: Get these letters cut in a variety of thicknesses (12mm / 18mm / 25mm) depending upon your needs.

Height: Make your MDF unique by selecting an appropriate height, which can vary between 6 inches to 36 inches.

Painted/unpainted Surface: Further customize your letters/numbers based on painted / unpainted surface preference. If you select the painted MDF wooden letters option, you get a choice of:

  1. Deco paint (matte/gloss)- A super-smooth, high-gloss, durable, automotive-grade paint job.
  2. PU Paint (matte/gloss)- Coated with polyurethane (a type of polymer) to add a protective surface to them. In this case, the selected letters and numbers will be painted both on the front and sides.

Currently, you can choose from a wide range of 23 colors from the color palate.

Sizing: At Bestofsigns, we size these wooden craft letters proportionally to uppercase letter size. Some letters may be shorter or taller than the height you select. The size of lowercase letters will be approximately 70% of the size of the UPPERCASE letter. The size of any special character/symbol will be set proportionally.

Order these crisp, readable and urban signs that are designed to pop and draw attention. Let us know what you need and we’ll craft a wooden MDF sign for you.