Men Restroom Outdoor Floor Mats

Men Restroom Outdoor Floor Mats


Ensure Restroom Space is Hygienic With Restroom Floor Mats

  • The floor mats are slip-resistant with a nitrile rubber back material.
  • Full-color 1440-DPI printing gives the mats an appealing look.
  • They are durable with polyester non-woven fabric material.
  • Fade and water resistance make the mats ideal for outdoor use.

Get Pre-Designed Restroom Floor Mats 

Lack of proper hygienic measures leads to unkempt spaces. We provide a solution with our restroom floor mats to help dry excess water and keep your spaces clean. They offer an anti-slip feature and dry and mildew-free floors for a hygienic and appealing space.

We make outdoor mats with quality, sturdy materials for long-lasting usage. The nitrile back is slip and abrasion resistant, giving quality service over time. The polyester non-woven fabric top material is anti static and strong. These mats eliminate the need for constant replacement.

Get the pre-designed polyester floor mats for an easy and fast order process. Choose the pre-defined templates that allow you a quick printing solution, saving you time and the cost of designing.

Our restroom floor mats have full-color, 1440-DPI print quality. We offer dye sublimation printing for vibrant and appealing graphics. The quality printing makes the mats fade and water resistant for outdoor use. The graphics are sharp, giving a more appealing visual appearance.

Outdoor Floor Mats Are Portable and Eco Friendly

These outdoor floor mats are portable, allowing for easy carrying. They weigh 0.6-1 kg/pc. The mats are easy to lift, remove, or reposition for better visibility and quality service.

They are eco friendly, as they don’t harm the environment. The material is biodegradable and does not wear. The sublimation ink is easy to clean and reduces creasing properties.

Bulk Discount on Purchase of Restroom Floor Mats

You can make an order for 2 to over 500 mats depending on your area and get a discount. Enjoy bulk discounts that help in cost saving.

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