Mounting Studs

Mounting Studs


Secure Your Promotional Signage with High-Quality Mounting Studs

  • Tough metal construction makes mounting studs hard-wearing.
  • Versatile studs provide multiple uses.
  • The included screws facilitate simple installation.
  • Symmetrical design makes the studs visually attractive.

Sturdy, Customizable, and Adaptable Solid Standoff Mounting Studs

Proper hardware is important to make sure that your boards and hangings are secure. For long-term display boards, you need reliable fixtures to keep the signs steady. Our standoff mounting studs fix promotional signs on the designated display walls while preventing the signs from coming in contact with the surface. Visually appealing studs provide an elegant style that complements other fixtures and decor.

Wear-resistant solid metal construction makes the mounting studs highly durable. With 18mm diameter and 40-gram weight, our acrylic standoffs provide exceptional strength and support to your display banners.

Apart from being excellent installation hardware, our mirror standoffs also serve as custom mounting tools. Our high-quality mounting studs blend with your signage and keep your display tools in place.

The versatility of our standoff mounting studs allows you to use them in multiple applications. This way you can give support to your banners while ensuring that your signage doesn't touch the mounting surfaces. You can also use them in individual letters and directional placards to make the messages appear more prominent.

Eye-Catching Acrylic Standoffs are Simple to Install

With easy to install metal standoffs, you can set up your banners and hangings within minutes. After detaching the top of the mounting studs, insert the screws through the holes to fix the signs to the designated display areas. Once the signs are in place over the studs, recombine the tops to the standoffs for a taut and steady mount.

The symmetrical build and shiny finish of our acrylic standoffs make the studs visually pleasing. The sleek structure blends well with other decors and fixtures and occupies minimal space.

Mirror Standoffs are Easily Accessible

Our ordering process is quick and straightforward. Choose the size and quantity that you require after going through our detailed product information. Shipping and delivery options include doorstep delivery and priority shipping.

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