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Movie Signs

$0.00 $6.25

Templates for Movie Signs

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Movie Signs

Material : A. 0.040 aluminium sheet
B. 5 mm PVC foam board sheet

Orientation : Landscape & Portrait

Printing : Full Color Digital printing

Finishing : Round corners for Aluminium signs
Square/Round corners for PVC signs
4 holes at 4 corners (Optional)

Note : No any hanging hardware is included

Do you run a cinema or a theatre?

If yes, then you must know the importance of promoting a movie or a play to ensure its success. Movie signs serve exactly the same purpose. They deliver your message to large number of people, increasing the chances of receiving huge audience.

Not convinced enough to invest in movie signs?

Here are some reasons why it is worth including movie signs in your promotional campaigns:

  • They are visually appealing and thus, they are more likely to be noticed than any regular banner or pamphlet.
  • Movie signs are interesting way to deliver your message
  • Since, they are easy to detect, movie signs ensure that you receive more audience than you regularly do which ultimately means more business.
  • Movie signs can be used to tell your audience about any discounts or deals you are offering on a movie or a particular show.

Where To Get The Best Quality Movie Signs From?

So, when you have finally decided to use movie signs for promoting movies and increasing your business, make sure to get them designed from a reputable supplier. This is to ensure that you get best quality that last long. Movie signs are placed at public places, both indoor and outdoor, and thus, they are highly likely to be damaged.

Best of Signs not only provide high quality signs with UV resistant print to prevent damages, but also cater to each client’s specifications and customize signs that are in consistence with the genre, movie, its colours etc. Also, we allow our clients to choose a custom size.

Don’t have time to get involved in the tiny details?

Leave it on our professionals; they know how to come up with a perfect movie sign that serves its key purpose.

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