Now Hiring Inflatable Tube Man

Now Hiring Inflatable Tube Man


Spark Potential Employees' Interest with 'Now Hiring' Inflatable Tube Men

  • Printing with dye sublimation gives high-quality results.
  • Choose your personalization options.
  • The tubes come already designed and are ready to use.
  • You can transport the lightweight air dancers easily.

Long-Lasting, High-Quality, and Personalized 'Now Hiring' Inflatables

To recruit new employees, you must announce job openings. Hence, you can use creative displays outside your facilities to advertise job opportunities to entice potential employees to apply. The size, vivid color, and unpredictable movements of the wavy arm guys draw attention effectively.

We make the inflatable tall men with a high-strength polyamide nylon silk with additional tarpaulin and a 600D PVC bottom material. The materials give flexibility, rip resistance, and increased strength, resulting in a long-lasting, durable, and outdoor-friendly product.

Dye-sublimation printing creates high-resolution images with easy-to-read texts. The graphics are vibrant and long-lasting with distinct colors, allowing the dancing inflatable men to attract potential prospects.

Using a range of customization choices, tailor the wacky arm inflatable tube men to meet your business strategy. Add a graphic, a blower, or both to your order, according to your preference. Include specific instructions to guarantee that they meet your company's needs.

Wavy Arm Guys are Ready to Use and Transport

We pre-print a statement on the inflatable tall men, notifying potential prospects about job openings in your workplace. The displays are ready to use upon delivery, saving you time and drawing attention to your open positions.

The inflatable tall men are easily portable because of their lightweight materials. Air dancers are simple to use and store, and their mobility makes them a versatile advertising option. By transferring and using the air dancers elsewhere, you can save money on advertising.

'Now Hiring' Wacky Arm Inflatable Tube Men are Simple to Set Up

With the use of an air blower, fill the wavy arm guys to give them support. Setting up the displays to draw attention to your various job openings takes only a few minutes.

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