Now Open Inflatable Tube Man

Now Open Inflatable Tube Man

  • Long-lasting materials make up the air dancers.
  • To match your needs, customization choices are available.
  • The display is pre-printed and ready to use.
  • Lightweight materials enable easy transportation of the inflatables.
  • The process of installation is simple.

Sky-High Impact: Inflatable Tube Men for Maximum Business Exposure

Our top-of-the-line Inflatable Tube Men are engineered to help your business achieve just that. Meticulously crafted from 600D PVC and high-strength polyamide nylon silk, these eye-catching inflatables are further enhanced with tarpaulin.

This unique blend grants them superior durability and flexibility, enabling them to withstand various weather conditions while maintaining their vibrant appearance.

Standing at an impressive 20ft tall, these tube men are designed to captivate attention, driving increased footfall and amplifying sales opportunities. In today's competitive marketplace, making a lasting impression is key

Customization and Quality: Tailored to Your Brand

Our inflatable tube men offer extensive personalization options to align perfectly with your brand's vision. Embroidered letters offer long-lasting quality, ensuring your message remains clear and prominent. Choose from a variety of colors and add custom graphics or your company logo to make a truly unique statement.

Each tube man also features a pre-printed 'open for business' message, offering a turnkey solution to jumpstart your promotional activities with minimal effort and maximum impact. Care and maintenance are just as effortless - these inflatables are suitable for washing in front-loading machines with mild detergent or hand washing, ensuring they stay fresh and appealing (hang dry only, do not machine dry).

User-Friendly and Durable: A Versatile Advertising Solution

Practicality meets versatility in our inflatable tube men. Constructed from light, yet durable materials, they are easy to move and reposition, catering to a wide range of promotional events. The optional weather-resistant blower facilitates quick setup, making them an ideal choice for businesses needing efficient advertising solutions. With a blower diameter of 18 inches, setup is a breeze.

To accommodate your delivery needs, we offer a variety of shipping options, tailored to meet your schedule and budget, ensuring your marketing campaign launches smoothly and effectively.