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Open Neon Signs

Welcome to the world of Open Neon Signs, where creativity and innovation come together to illuminate your space. These signs are designed with the perfect blend of modern technology and aesthetic appeal, creating a captivating visual experience. Details such as material composition, backboard color options, power adapter specifications, hanging methods, controller options, and more are available.

Shop Open Neon Signs: A Perfect Spotlight for All Your Important Events

Our Open Neon Signs feature a combination of 5 mm acrylic and flexi neon, which lends both an air of sophistication and long-lasting quality to the display. The use of 5 mm acrylic ensures that the structure will be robust, while the use of Flexi Neon produces a brilliant glow that draws the viewer's attention. We provide a variety of backboard colours so that you can find one that complements the atmosphere you want to create as well as your own personal taste. You have the choice between the timeless and sophisticated clear acrylic backboard, the spotless glossy white acrylic backboard, or the classy glossy black acrylic backboard. Because of these options, you will be able to personalise your led open signs and flawlessly incorporate it into the space of your choice.

Open Neon Signs Come with Dimmer & Remote-Control Options

We provide a wide variety of controller options to make your experience with led open signs even better. The neon signs that we provide can be easily controlled with a remote, giving you the ability to alter the speed at which they flash and the level of brightness they emit. You are able to set the mood for any event you're attending with the help of the smooth dimmer effect. Our LED neon signs come equipped with an impressive variety of features, which is reflected in their product specifications. They are not only good for the environment but also provide a high level of brightness, which results in an alluring glow. These signs have a lifespan of over 100,000 hours, which means they are built to last, making them a choice that is both cost-effective and kind to the environment.

Variety of Power Adaptors Available with Open Neon Signs for Better Adaptability

Open signs for business are aware of the significance of adaptability and ease of use in today's business world. Because of this, our neon signs come with a variety of power adaptor options to ensure compatibility in a wide range of geographic locations. We offer a power adaptor with 120V voltage for customers in the United States of America and Canada. Customers in Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom can take advantage of a power adaptor with 230V voltage. In addition, we provide a variety of hanging options so that we can cater to your particular installation preferences. We can provide you with an elegant wall mounting option, signs that hang from the ceiling, or a straightforward design that does not involve any hanging at all.

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Open Neon Signs FAQs:

1. What is an Open Neon Sign?

Ans: An Open Neon Sign is a type of signage that typically features the word "OPEN" in neon lights. It's commonly used to indicate that a business is open and welcoming customers.

2. How do open neon signs work?

Ans: Open Neon Signs work by passing an electrical current through neon gas, causing it to emit a vibrant, colorful glow. The word "OPEN" is formed using bent glass tubes filled with neon gas.

3. Are open neon signs customizable?

Ans: Yes, Open Neon Signs can be customized with different colors, fonts, and sizes to suit your branding and style preferences.

4. Can open neon signs be used outdoors?

Ans: Many open neon signs are designed for indoor use, but some are suitable for outdoor use. Be sure to check the product specifications and ensure it's weather-resistant if you plan to use it outdoors.

5. Can I dim the brightness of an open neon sign?

Ans: Some Open Neon Signs may have dimmer options, but not all are dimmable. Check the product specifications for information on this feature.

6. Are open neon signs safe for the environment?

Ans: Neon signs are generally safe, but the production of neon gas has environmental implications. LED signs are considered a more environmentally friendly alternative.