Outside Tuck Mailer

Outside Tuck Mailers


Securely Seal All Your Package Contents with Durable Outside Tuck Mailers

  • Comprises a 3 mm thick corrugated sheet for longevity.
  • Durable, strong, 100% recyclable & environmentally responsible.
  • Offers long-lasting protection from dust & debris during transportation.
  • Option to personalize mailers with desired brand graphics available.
  • Digital prints with multi-color printing options look appealing.

Buy Digitally Printed Outside Tuck Corrugated Mailers with Personalized Designs

Trying to find a secure medium that fruitfully fulfills all your mailing needs? We've got your needs sorted out with our premium-quality outside tuck mailers. Their unique tab lock design provides optimum security from accidental openings during transportation. Digitally printed with multi-color, personalized graphics for branding and marketing, they come in multiple sizes and colors. Our durable materials keep your package contents safe, and the no-side flap design doesn't tamper with the products placed inside.

Long-Lasting Corrugated Sheet:Available with a single wall B fluting lining on the inside, the sheet offers cushioning like none other. Moreover, the mailers come with high-grade semi-gloss paper on the outside for a sleek look. The material provides enhanced stability and puncture resistance, letting you ship your packages in a hassle-free manner.

Personalization Option Helps in Branding:Personalized, brand-specific packaging is all it takes to form an instant connection with your target audience. It offers a premium unboxing experience and helps spread the word about your company, products, and services. Whether it is your brand name, text, or logo, you can add them all to your outside tuck corrugated mailers with our hassle-free personalization feature. After printing your desired design, we'll deliver them straight to your doorstep!

Mailers Available With 32 ECT Rating:Our long-lasting outside tuck white mailers come with a 32 ECT (edge crush test) score. Equivalent to 200# test for stronger bursting strength, the score allows businesses to leave all their stacking worries aside. Having passed ECT, our long-lasting tuck mailers can handle heavy loads without showing any signs of damage.

Digital, Multi-Color Prints Looks Vibrant:Trying to find well-designed mailers featuring high-quality prints? Best of Signs is your one-stop shop for digitally printed outside tuck mailers featuring vivid graphics that are easy to spot from afar. Our digital, multi-color printing technique offers an unbeatable color match, longer print life, and clarity. Moreover, the high-resolution graphics don't fade or crack during shipping.

Take a 'Green' Packaging Route with Recyclable Outside Tuck Corrugated Mailers

Get 100% Recyclable & Sustainable Mailers:Consumers across the globe are becoming more environmentally conscious day by day. Catering to the rising demand for sustainability, we bring you 100% recyclable outside tuck white mailers. Not only do they help in reducing packaging waste, but they portray your brand as a new-generation, environmentally responsible one. Moreover, recyclable materials let your brand adopt a holistic packaging approach, ensuring that your packages don't end up in landfills year after year.

Select from White/Brown Color Options:At Best of Signs, we allow you to select from two different mailer color options – brown and white. You can opt for the white option if you want to give your brand a premium touch, while the brown choice is perfect for giving your brand an earthy tone.

Multiple Pre-Defined Sizes Available With Outside Tuck White Mailers

Multiple Pre-Defined Sizes Available With Outside Tuck White Mailers We understand that your mailer size can vary according to your package content dimensions. Hence, our outside tuck corrugated mailers come in different pre-defined sizes.

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