Photo Magnets

Photo Magnets


Adorn Metal Surfaces with Personalized Photo Magnets

  • Robust photo magnets because of flexible magnetic sheeting.
  • UV printing produces bright and distinguishable images.
  • Browse through a range of different magnet sizes.
  • Lightweight magnets are easily transportable.
  • Easy installation requires no assembly tools.

Premium Quality Custom Photo Magnets are Sturdy and Personalized

Resorting to creative ways to advertise your services can be beneficial to your business. We offer high-quality photo magnets so that you can promote your services by grabbing the attention of guests. Place the photo magnets on refrigerators or vehicles or any metal surface to highlight the intended messages to your target audience and maximize the reach of your local business.

Including 800 microns thick magnetic sheet film, the custom photo magnets are flexible and highly durable. The magnets are safe for prolonged indoor and outdoor placements. Long-lasting construction makes the magnets sturdy enough to endure wear and tear caused by regular usage.

We print directly on the substrate at 600-DPI, which results in detailed images, are visible from afar. Full-color UV printing produces sharp texts to ensure that the intended message reaches the target audience from a considerable distance.

Choose from various size options or specify the exact dimensions required for an effective display. You can also incorporate Pantone (PMS) Color Match to ensure color consistency, which is ordered on demand. Use our templates, upload your own artwork, or let our designers create designs for you to have fully personalized photo magnets.

Easy to Install Fridge Photo Magnets are Lightweight

Lightweight custom photo magnets are easy to handle and port. The magnets are easy to remove and store for later use. The reusability of the magnets helps you reduce your ad spend and ensures a greater return on investment.

The metal photo magnets, which are made of a magnetic material, adhere to steel and iron surfaces such as refrigerators, vehicles, and lockers. The magnets offer convenient placement and do not need any special installation accessories.

Get Photo Magnets in Bulk to Unlock Discounts

Order personalized photo magnets in bulk quantities to get discounts. Bulk order discounts are beneficial for budding enterprises as they allow you to stock up on inventory, cutting down on future expenses on repurchasing.

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