Pop Up Custom Webcam Backdrop

Pop Up Custom Webcam Backdrop

  • Popup webcam backdrop blocks viewers from seeing messy backgrounds.
  • The banner edge has a spring metal sheet frame to make it stable.
  • It can easily slide over the back of the chair.
  • The backdrop comes with a carry bag.
  • Fully customizable backdrop templates are available.

Webcam backdrops for neat, studio-like look

These days when most professionals work from home, some like cyber teachers, advertisers and tech advisors need to be constantly on video conference mode. The popup webcam backdrop gives a professional look to the frame and blocks clutter from the background. These are also ideal for advertising and product promotions.

As many of you are working from home these days, you need to have a professional-looking background to present a video. All of you may not have a dedicated TV studio. So whether you are working from your living room or bedroom, all you have to do is to slide the backdrop over the back of your chair to give a neat studio-like look to the background. Our popup webcam backdrops can be installed in a jiffy.

The webcam backdrop consists of a pocket and a polyester backdrop banner. It slides easily over the back of your chair and can be secured with the elastic pocket. The elastic pocket allows you to set up and remove the backdrop easily. Unlike traditional banners that come with heavy metal stands, which take time to assemble, our popup backdrop does not require any additional tool to fix it.

Our popup webcam backdrops have spring metal steel installed into the black edge around the banner to make it stable. Since the metal frame stays permanently attached to the banner, it will hold shape, without leading to any crease or fold. After the shooting/recording is over, all you have to do is to take the backdrop off the chair’s backrest, fold it to a third of its size and store it in the carry bag.

The popup webcam backdrop is easy to carry

Our popup webcam backdrop is made up of elastic polyester, which is lightweight and portable. The stretchable fabric remains attached to the metal frame when not in use.

The popup backdrop can be set up instantly at short notice. They are extremely convenient, especially for professionals - who need to have constant webcam presence - working away from the office.

Dye sublimation technique used for printing

We use dye sublimation technique to print designs on custom backdrops. This technique helps the printed images to be durable and last longer than, say inkjet printing. As the dye is thoroughly infused into the fabric, it becomes part of the fabric itself. As a result, the printing does not get damaged due to wear and tear; nor does it develop cracks or become flakey. As the printed colours look smooth and bright, the printed logos and messages look visually appealing.

Clean, Fully-Customizable Backdrops

Our popup banners can be customised to put the spotlight on slogans and logos. You can personalize the backdrop or get it customized by accessing our design template.

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