Poster Paper

Poster Paper


Brand your business with the posters!!

  • 220 GSM High gloss Paper
  • Vibrant, 720 dpi & 1440 dpi digital printing
  • Outstanding quality & fast delivery at affordable prices

Wall posters are no doubt a great marketing medium to advertise offers and increase the brand value of your business. If you are looking to fill your empty walls with high quality yet cheap poster papers, then Best of Signs is your answer. We at Best of Signs, provide you with various poster paper printing templates that are specific to your needs that help you project your business' brand value to others.

Our poster paper printing materials are of different types and sizes that can be purchased online. We also offer custom poster papers which you can design according to your own preferences.

Here is a brief guide to our poster papers and how you can get started.

Amplify your visibility with our poster papers

Poster papers are an extremely important business communication tool. A combination of attractive colors, designs and text provides an engaging and interactive marketing tool that helps enhance your brand value. Poster papers are ideal for the following categories:

  • Schools, Colleges and Universities
  • Banks
  • Restaurants
  • Health clubs
  • Offices
  • Home decoration and more

So whether you run a school that wants to promote an upcoming sports event or a restaurant that wants to showcase the latest recipes and discounts offer, our cheap poster papers are the perfect match.


There are many benefits of using our poster papers.

  • Distinguish your retail space with that of your competitors
  • Attract more customers via high quality poster papers
  • Save costs on marketing using cheap poster papers
  • Communicate brand value and credibility to customers

Customize your own poster papers

Best of Signs also features custom poster papers that allow you to design your own templates. You can either start from scratch or tweak existing design templates to suit your needs. You can also upload your own designs including your copyrighted logo and tagline to reflect higher brand value upon which a series of shapes, text and colors can be added.

Choose your material and design dimensions

We at Best of Signs offer a range of materials for poster paper printing. Our materials are of three types: glossy, matte and .020 styrene.


Our high quality, scratch resistant gloss material is a white paper with a shiny finish. It is perfect for indoor signs, hanging signs and posters.


This material is scratch and water proof and highly durable. It differs from gloss material by its resistance to ink smudge in the case of excessive ink and makes it perfect for indoor use.

.020 Styrene

This is a thin polystyrene material that has the feature of bending with relative ease. This makes it resistant to wear and tear and perfect for rolling it after use. This material comes handy for retail displays.