Pre-Printed Antiques Feather Flag

Pre-Printed Antiques Feather Flag

  • Printed feather flags made of rugged fabric for extra durability.
  • Flags are easy to clean with just water and a piece of cloth.
  • Change the design, size, and hardware for your ideal flag.
  • Assemble, move, and store flags around your property with ease.
  • A tall, slim design takes up minimal space outside your store.

Sell Your Antiques with Printed Feather Flags

Printed Antiques Feather Flags are Low-Maintenance

Antique shops often take place in small, quaint buildings where there often isn't much room on the property or outside the building for proper signage. Advertising feather flags allow you to market your store effectively using as little space as possible, inviting consumers to stop by for a potential sale.

Printed feather flags feature rugged fabric that's connected to carbon composite fiberglass hardware. Both materials are suitable for outdoor use, allowing you to advertise your antique store continuously. 

Thanks to the synthetic fabric, outdoor feather flags are easy to clean and maintain. Use a cloth with water and mild detergent to gently wipe the flag down to remove stains. You can also wash the flags in a washing machine with warm water and low settings.

We can customize promotional feather flags to best suit your store. Change the flag size, opt for a reverse side, and select between a spiked base or a portable stand. Fabric-only and base-only options for flags are available.

Slender and Portable Advertising Feather Flags

As your promotional feather flags come in a tall, slim design, they are easily noticeable to nearby guests. During assembly, you'll find the flags take up very little space, so it's easy to choose the best location on your property.

Outdoor feather flags are lightweight for easy portability. Whether you choose cross or spiked bases, the flags are easy to transfer. These flags are highly reusable, allowing for easy relocation and a sound return on investment.

Order Printed Feather Flags and Save Big

When ordering additional outdoor feather flags, you receive a bulk quantity discount. When more flags are placed in the cart, the cost per flag goes. This allows you to save money on antique store signage with bulk orders.

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