Pre-Printed Assisted Living Feather Flag

Pre-Printed Assisted Living Feather Flag

  • ASSISTED LIVING feather flags have a simple message so important to future residents
  • These pre-printed flags attract attention but have an understated design
  • Perfect for retirement homes, retirement communities, nursing homes, elder care facilities
  • ASSISTED LIVING flags are made with high-quality materials to hold up outdoors

Because You Care

Every family reaches a point when tough decisions must be made about elder care. As a caring, nurturing facility, you can help make those decisions easier by stating important services up front, and ASSISTED LIVING feather flags are a part of that communication package. Whether that elder person needs care now or will need it in the future, these pre-printed flags give family members peace of mind that they're making the right decision.

Investing in the Future . . . and the Past

How much is it worth to have peace of mind? How much is it worth to ease the process of elder care for family members? These huge (14' tall) ASSISTED LIVING feather flags help pave the way. ASSISTED LIVING flags are great for:

  • Retirement Homes
  • Retirement Communities
  • Nursing Homes
  • Elder Care Facilities

These high-quality pre-printed flags are made with durable fabric and high-tech printing, so they'll look good for months or years to come. Order ASSISTED LIVING feather flags today and let them keep you in the important business of helping others.